1. Kanorin

    From Seed Division: Kanorin's Lodgepole and Aspen mountainside planting

    Warning, experiment in progress! I've never done anything like this before. This past winter I built this funky box to look like a mountainside planting. And while my box-building skills aren't amazing, I think I was able to cover up the flaws pretty well using a homemade muck (roughly equal...
  2. Flowerhouse

    Some Flowerhouse natives

    In order of collection: Yardadori Picea pungens. I dug this from a bad spot in my yard in 2020. It was too close to my willows, so shaded, choked by roots, and deprived of rainfall. It's in a big pot that I begged off my neighbors:) The new growth is at the same stage as the successful blue...
  3. IMG_20210505_152122.jpg


    This is my future aspen bonsai.
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