atlas cedar

  1. A

    Blue atlas cedar - how to collect seeds and plant them?

    I’m not sure if I’m bad at the search function on this website but I have been struggling to find detailed information about collecting and growing a bonsai from a blue atlas cedar cone/seeds. (I can’t find any retailer that will ship a live blue atlas cedar nor seeds to Sweden. Hence why I’ll...
  2. Cherubina

    Mid-Summer nursery stock / Damage (Cedrus atlantica 'Horstmann')

    So, I have been released from bondage and am able to get out and peruse my local nursery offerings in Central Pennsylvania. (I was taking care of my elderly father for years.) :) At Mid-Summer, nothing's marked down yet, everything's picked over at the well-known places, and much of what's...
  3. Carapace

    Can anyone give me any tips regarding Atlas cedar?

    So this autumn I will order a lot of trees for a forest I want to plant and a few of those trees will be really young (4 y.o) atlas cedars grown from seed. I want to take one of these and start it's journey into bonsai. I was wondering if there are any niche things about this species that I...
  4. B

    Atlas Cedar - any tips and ideas

    Hi folks! This is my first post, so hope i am doing it right! :p I recently acquired an atlas cedar. I have always loved true cedars and had been after one for a while. As you can see its very slender and its foliage only occupies the top, so i immediately thought...literati. At the moment, i...
  5. KP45

    Preparing a Young Atlas Cedar

    Hi! I bought an Atlas Cedar just a little while back. I've wanted one for a really long time so when I saw this one in a garden center I picked one up. As it is it's pretty skinny, no trunk taper to speak of, I'm finding it a little hard to envision what the tree could potentially become. Was...
  6. Gsquared

    Starting a new Blue Atlas Cedar

    I picked this up at my local Home Depot for $49.99. I’ve never worked a blue atlas because they are usually much more expensive and thought this was a good one to start with. Obviously ground grown and probably local. Yes, I did dig down as far as I could to make sure there’s no ugly surprises...
  7. barrosinc

    Atlas Cedar

    I bought this Atlas Cedar a couple of months ago. It looked like this: So I though it might look good like a semicascade, like one I love So I bent it, thinking it should grow some 10 years: So I half bare rooted it (as I don't know if I will be able to get another atlas cedar) and...
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