1. T

    What kind of bonsai types/cultures are there?

    Basically I'd love to look into how different nations/cultures do bonsai as I've heard like all art bonsai is no different with its cultural influences. I'd love to find out the names/be pointed in the right direction to photos and examples of these as I've heard Spain has a different look...
  2. L

    Spruce in Australia's heat

    I was gifted a kit to grow a Norway Spruce and it came with a little booklet Ive been reading through. Most trees have a dormancy period in winter, this booklet said to keep the tree somewhere just above freezing temp during that time. The problem is, where I live, winters get nowhere near that...
  3. C

    Japanese Maple - Droopy and orange leaf tips - help/ suggestions?

    I recently purchased this Japanese Maple. When I bought it, all of the leaves had dried out and were about to fall away. Over the next couple of days, they ultimately came off. I figured it was due to it being the beginning of Autumn. I fed the tree some Seasol and some liquid fertiliser over...
  4. ColinFraser

    A Wee BottleBrush (Callistemon) Stump

    I noticed that the new neighbors of a family member were re-landscaping their recently purchased home. For as long as I can remember, there has been a bottlebrush at the entrance to the driveway, usually under a large sphere of foliage and flowers as seen in this google street view from a few...
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