austrian black pine

  1. Carapace

    Easy back-budding on Pinus Nigra

    I did an experiment this year, in late spring I plucked some specific needles from the young (5 years old from seed) trunk of an Austrian Black Pine (pinus nigra). I am not sure if this is anything new (it probably isn't) but in early autumn I looked at the places in which I did the plucking and...
  2. T

    Mugo and Austrian pines

    Just picked up this mugo and Austrian for half off today $10 and $20. I did some minor root work on the mugo when clearing out the trunk and put it in the pond basket. Nothing too major. Cut a few branches off of it. But now I’m kinda stuck wondering what to do. I read doing this kind of work on...
  3. TrevorLarsen

    Austrian Black Pine Progression

    I have previously posted this tree here, but after my work today I thought this tree deserved its own progression thread. I first bent this tree quite drematically from this To this Now about four months later I...
  4. Carapace

    Is pinus nigra a good replacement for JBP?

    Hi, I have a austrian black pine and I was looking at some JBP and thought to myself, these two tree's look very similar and I thought that maybe people prefer JBP for some other reasons, like growth rate or resistance to some kind of disease or maybe just a cultural thing, cuz you know, bonsai...
  5. TrevorLarsen

    Austrian Black pine nursery material.

    I bought this today for 30 bucks. I have only been “doing bonsai” for 3 years so any advice would be amazing. I was able to put some nice bends in it and I think it is quite good looking now. Feel free to bring me back to reality but this turned out better that I ever thought possible. I’m not...
  6. LunaticTree

    Collection of various Coniferes

    My English is not to good, but I will try my best! Last year I managed to collect some Austrian Black Pine Seedlings, as you can tell, some of them are a bit bigger and some are super tiny. All of them do pretty good and they all have good healthy roots so far. I am not sure yet where I will...
  7. L

    Japanese red pine 'Jane Kluis'

    Does anyone else happen to have this variety? The information I've been able to find on the web indicates that it's a hybrid, although there seems to be some question about whether it's a cross between Pinus densiflora and Pinus thunbergii or a cross between Pinus densiflora and Pinus nigra...
  8. Fonz

    From Seed Division - Fonz's Pinus Nigra Forest

    Starting a batch of Austrian Black Pines from seed this year. Might as well use a few in a little forest. Not much to look at right now :)
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