1. Carapace

    Easy back-budding on Pinus Nigra

    I did an experiment this year, in late spring I plucked some specific needles from the young (5 years old from seed) trunk of an Austrian Black Pine (pinus nigra). I am not sure if this is anything new (it probably isn't) but in early autumn I looked at the places in which I did the plucking and...
  2. Hartinez

    HD Pinus Nigra

    Hi there. Im on Bonsai Nut often, but rarely do I pose questions and/or chime in on threads and discussions. Ive decided that needs to change. Im going into my 6th year as an enthusiast and have a nice collection of trees in all stages of design. Nothing Id call a masterpiece just yet, but...
  3. F

    Ponder(osa)ing Pine Pruning

    Hello. Getting an early spring here. Yay! Getting ready to start this pine also. Forgot the species name. Don't think it is a ponderosa but couldn't resist adding it to the title. Since everyone has kindly suggested leaving my 4 inch tall birch to grow for some time, I have been considering...
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