azalea contest 2020 - 2025

  1. YamadoriFL

    YamadoriFL 2020-2025 Azalea contest entry

    Hello there. This is one of my first posts and I'd like to share a new nursery semi-dwarf Azalea I'd like to enter in your contest. I bought it in this 3 gal pot mainly because of the nice established roots and trunk flair. I cut the pot down before the first pic to tease the roots a bit. The...
  2. Deep Sea Diver

    Deep Sea Diver’s 2020 - 25 Azalea contest entry

    Ok, my entry is Kikisui. It’s been in the ground 4 weeks, exactly as received from Nuccio’s in SoCal. Likely stay there for awhile. cheers DSD sends
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