1. L

    Lorax7 Azalea ‘Cascade’ #1

    Pruned hard when I brought it home from Home Depot. It’s bouncing back now (2021):
  2. L

    Lorax7 Azalea ’Karen’ #1 progression

    Brought it home from Home Starting to recover and push new growth: and immediately did a hard prune (2021): Starting to push new growth:
  3. L

    Lorax7 Azalea “Hershey’s Red” #1 progression

    As usual, I forgot to take a picture of the nursery stock before working on it. Here it is in bloom, early summer 2020: Fall 2021:
  4. L

    Lorax7 Gibraltar Azalea #1 progression

    Didn’t capture a picture of it before I worked on it and repotted it into a colander. Here it is in 2018: Fall 2021:
  5. Rivian

    Fungus on azalea trunk

    ?Hino Crimson? azalea with wavy leaves, thinking the fungus visible on the trunk is causing general sickness ID of the culprit? Other azaleas are fine
  6. AnutterBonsai

    My $13 azalea summer project [experiment]

    Found a pretty good sized Encore Azalea at Lowe’s yesterday and did a full bare root repot of it and some major pruning back to give primary structure definition. the purpose of this experiment is to see if it’ll endure the Texas summer heat in august. I only used a wooden chopstick to...
  7. AnutterBonsai

    What would you do? Azalea nursery stock

    Found a great nursery stock azalea today! Having trouble finding a design for it. Any ideas would be appreciated. 🤔 Thinking of cutting in half each branch to promote back budding lower in the trunk and pick get flower bulbs off. Also took off all the weeds growing on the surface.
  8. M

    Dug Up Wisteria

    Hi everyone. I just dug up this wisteria that my neighbor didn’t want. It’s very fat for a vine, but quite ugly. It’s about 8 inches wide at the base. Any styling suggestions? Should I just throw it out?
  9. AnutterBonsai

    Bare rooting or repotting nursery azalea

    Good morning all. I did some major pruning, maybe three months ago, on two nursery azaleas im developing for bonsai. They have budded pack prolifically (on one more than the other) and have been growing healthy. There is currently an issue in which I have noticed they both are quite root-bound...
  10. M

    Azalea style suggestions

    Hello, I have an azalea stump that I’m going to be transforming into bonsai. Pictured below is my desired front: Given that this is the front of the future bonsai, what styles would you guys recommend for me? I am not creative at all and I will not be able to create a beautiful tree...
  11. AnutterBonsai

    AnutterBonsai's Azalea 2020-2025 Contest Entry

    Is it too late to enter? I did some work on a nursery azalea this year, late springtime. Bought this Encore azalea from local nursery and I liked it's twin trunk look. Bought it and chopped it same day: May 27, 2020. first leaves came out around June 18-23. And those first leaves started...
  12. M

    Bonsai Back View: Important?

    Hey friends. I’m curious what you guys’ opinions are as to how good the backside of a bonsai trunk looks. Does it matter or does it not? Can an ugly trunk backside just be hidden by branches and foliage over time? or does it take away from the value of the tree? For example, I have this...
  13. M

    Azalea problem

    Hey guys. I have a satsuki shrub that I’ve been wanting to chop into a bonsai for awhile and I have a general idea as to what shape I’m trying to achieve and everything, but I’m having an issue with timing. I live in zone 9a and people I’ve asked have advised me to not chop until january or...
  14. anakgelap

    Help troubleshoot azaleas in equatorial climate

    Hi... I'm from Indonesia sorry if my English is not good because I use Translation. I just started bonsai, and about a year ago I bought Azaleas (I don't know the specific ID, at the time I bought them they weren't blooming) and I have kept them without messing with them all this year, but never...
  15. mwar15

    Telperion Farms fire Azalea

    This is a Satsuki Azalea “Go No Tsuk” it was acquired in April of this year from Telperion. It went through the fires in 2020 and hanging onto life. Talking to Kris it was from cuttings from imported trees. it didn’t have much growth when I got it. It is root bound and has lots of dead...
  16. M

    New Sakuragata Satsuki, Need Some Help

    Hello friends, Today (May 20) I purchased a Sakuragata Satsuki azalea from Schley’s Bonsai nursery and I need help transforming it into something beautiful. I’m new to azalea bonsai. To begin, when is the best time to drastic prune this piece? Can I begin now (May)? Will duct seal work as...
  17. M

    Where to buy Satsuki?

    Hello friends, I have recently gained interest in having an azalea bonsai but I am stuck as to where I can find mature and thick trees to make one out of - particularly satsuki. I cannot find a single large, mature satsuki online that’s not already a bonsai and isn’t small. Does anyone know...
  18. Kanorin

    Pruning azalea knuckles

    By knuckle I mean a spot where 6+ branches all emerged from a node. (See below) Obviously the best course of action is to never let these knuckles develop in the first place, but assuming that’s no longer an option, how would you prune a knuckle where you want to keep 1 or 2 shoots out of 6+...
  19. M

    Azalea from Shrub, a Keeper?

    Hello friends, I have been looking around for yamadori bonsai material for months without much luck because most of the land surrounding me is privately owned. I finally decided I would just cut a chunk off of my azalea hedge in my front yard that I thought had great roots and a workable...
  20. Apex37

    Browning on Azalea Leaves

    Not sure if this is not enough watering or some sort of fungal or other pest issue. I got this thing from Lowe's on sale, so not premier quality azalea, but trying to at least keep it alive. Lol Anyway, I'm hesitant to repot him because he is in the middle of flowering, but I'm sure the soil...
  21. Apex37

    Azalea Soil Mix

    So I just picked up a nice red azalea at Lowes for $10 and gonna try and bonsai him. This is my first azalea and I've heard they prefer more acidic soil. I've read a Kanuma mix is good for them. I have Akadama, Pine Bark, Lava Rock, and Perilite. Will any or a specific mix of these work for the...
  22. henrykiser

    Accidental Groundlayer Adventure

    We just closed on a great new place and I’ve been taking stock of the flora on the property. At first I was annoyed with the messy unkempt beds of azaleas that hadn’t been cleared of fallen leaves but realized many had thrown ground layers under the rotten leaves! Will try to leave some to...
  23. Rivka

    Rivka's Azalea 2020-2025 Contest Entry

    Been dragging my feet starting this entry, though following the contest since last winter and documenting my process, life, covid, and family being what it was, I half expected my entire collection to up and revolt. Well, my first Azalea I collected, lovingly by hand in March, did precisely that...
  24. HamburgerTrain "Tutorial"-Translated to English Thought this may come in handy for some folks. Now I'm going to go read it!!!
  25. onlyrey

    Anybody have tried an Azalea Fusion ?

    Has anybody tried here to fuse azaleas ? Maybe two with different flower colors (instead of grafting), and also to get a larger trunk faster ? I found two instances in the internets: 1. Redit (2 years ago, unknown where it went). 2. Mangetsu azalea from bonsai fusion (4 years ago, not sure...
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