1. M

    Rhododendron complexum as bonsai

    Hello, While picking up cuttings of various azaleas yesterday I noticed a plant labeled "Rhododendron Complexum". I liked the leaves shape and color and took few cuttings to try to make them root. Later I start looking around for posts about growing Complexum as a bonsai and coudn't find...
  2. L

    Bonsai tree for Japanese garden

    Hi, I am new to Bonsai and am wanting to buy my first one. This might be a bit weird but I am wanting to remove the bonsai from its pot and plant it into the soil in the garden directly. This will be planted into an island mound as part of the design for my Japanese garden. I have checked with...
  3. Cria

    Too aggressive in root clearing while repotting?

    I repotted this nursery cypress I bought last week which was pretty root bound so I took my time detangling every root with my trusty chopstick to clear it out. Now a week later I've got some browning of some of the foliage and wondering if I was too aggressive. Or was I just poor in my timing...
  4. Apex37

    Fungal Issues or Slight Sunburn?

    I noticed my azalea recently has what appears to be blotchy brown spots that I suspect may be caused from slight sunburn or a fungal issue. I’m leaning towards sunburn though and just want some second opinions. Planted in 100% kanuma. I’ve been watering about every 2-3 days depending on needs.
  5. J

    Satsuki Azalea Help

    Hi All, I live in Phoenix AZ, and recently received a Satsuki Azalea. The leaves are turning black/brittle at the ends and I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations. For the past three months, I would keep outside on my patio during the AM and into the late afternoon, I only have a...
  6. jbhampton31

    Azaleas John Geanangle Method?

    Has anyone had any success using the John Geanangle method of hard cut backs to branches and roots on satsuki azaleas? I got 4 1 gal Gumpos at my local nursery and want to give it a shot. When is the best time to start them. What size pot or grow bag would you put them in after cutting the roots...
  7. S

    More azalea transplants

    The local fb site had an offer of some azaleas and gardenias. Can't pass up free trees, especially when they are already dug and just waiting to be picked up. Here are the plants I picked up. It's quite late in the season for azaleas here but one had double white flowers First step is to...
  8. SandSquid

    ‘Exbury’ Azalea?

    So my wife bought this ‘Exbury’ azalea last spring and then it just sat in the front yard in its nursery pot, up against the fence, and never got planted. Somewhere along the line the plastic nursery pot split open, exposing the root ball. I decided today to slip it into another pot for winter...
  9. Rivian

    What happened to deciduous x evergreen Azalea hybrids created in the mid 2000s?

    And maybe even decades earlier. There are a number of articles from that time on researchgate in which, often, dozens of vigorous enough, non albino seedlings were obtained. (like Kurume x Rhododendron flavum f. flavum, which worked rather well depending on the specific Kurume parent) Yet to...
  10. T

    Saotome azalea

    Just wanted to share this awesome little azalea that does not bloom, I got it from Dylan at cedar rose nursery and he said it’s a version that does not flower and would make a nice accent plant after doing some research it might be called saotome azalea
  11. G

    Satsuki azalea, health issue?

    Hello everyone, This is my first summer with this Yata no Kagami Satsuki Azalea and I am somewhat concerned about it's health. What do you think could be the cause of the spots on the underside of the leaves? Fungal issues? Too much water? I've been root watering it every other day, and...
  12. karen82

    When is the best time to repot Satsukis?

    I have two Satsuki, unknown variety, just the plain pink ones from Brussel's, that I got a few years ago. One I left alone, one I'm trying to make into an exposed root bonsai. Both have grown a lot and are badly in need of a pretty drastic cutback and repot. They are just finishing up a heavy...
  13. B

    Azalea Rescue

    Rescued yesterday one Azalea that was on my neighbours house in very bad shape. I cut back some of the brown stuff to encourage more growth, transplanted and cut back roots. Would she be safe? I guess so because I did a massive cut back on another Azalea on the end of winter and she is booming...
  14. PowerTap

    Hino Azalea #1

    Today I took a first cut (literally) at my Hino Chrimson Azalea. This is a $12 Costco find and my first azalea. Where I started. I only had a little time today, so my goal was take off the top soil and resolve some pinwheels/whols oh the trunk and primary branches. I already had some...
  15. Unearthed

    Advice on very old Azalea bush

    Hi All, I have this Azalea bush in my yard that I believe has a lot of potential to be a very unique, old bonsai with a few years of rehab. I live in 5b, but this bush is planted right next to the house in a brick built-in garden box... been here long before I bought the house. I think due to...
  16. FreshAirSunshine

    Azalea lacebug - preferred treatment

    My new azalea golden lights has gotten some of the tar specked leaves and white/clear with brown small bugs that I believe I’ve identified properly. Sprayed with insecticidal soap labeled to treat lacebug but looking to see if I should do more and what others experience dealing with this pest...
  17. J

    Help with Suzuki Azalea Bonsai

    Hello! I’m completely new to bonsai but I’ve done a lot of reading on Suzuki bonsai. I’ve had it for about 3-4 weeks now. I live in Chicago so that’s zone 6. I’ve been having issues with leaves falling off, originally my plant was in pretty harsh morning-early afternoon sunshine so I got a...
  18. Seany

    Some azaleas not budding after hard prune

    Hello, This year I did hard cutbacks on several of my azalea trees. I have 10 or so. Most of them have responded remarkably well, and are already covered with their post-bloom-cutback growth. The cutback was done back in early June/late May, after flowering. The problem I'm having is that...
  19. Deep Sea Diver

    New Book - Satsuki Azalea Bonsai by Rick Garcia

    Rick Garcia’s long awaited book, “Satsuki Azalea Bonsai” is open for pre orders today at Suiko Press ! Rick has been studying satsuki for many years. He is a Satsuki instructor certified by Mr Tatamori Gondo at the El Dorado Bonsai School in the 1990’s. Then went on to study with the...
  20. Rivian

    Just my short notes on interesting azaleas (with pictures)

    When I find some azaleas, mostly satsuki cultivars, that I think I might want to add to my collection, I will post notes on them here. Probably usually a picture I found on the internet and what I like about it or some of the info given with the images. As a beginner, who does not speak...
  21. S

    Collecting azaleas

    This thread in response to a request from @Deep Sea Diver for some documentation of transplanting azaleas. Feel free to add comments or other experiences. I have been involved in garden maintenance for a number of years. One client was a retirement village established in the 1970s. As part of...
  22. Rivian

    Irritated by azalea

    Two evergreen azalea cuttings. Thinn layer of bark came off during Winter, all around one of them and cracked on the other. As I understand azalea, surely thats terminal? But now theyre both actively growing and producing a small flower or two and shoots. I have the Galle book, and he does say...
  23. AnutterBonsai

    Azalea first styling from nursery

    Bought this one at the bonsai nursery about a year ago. I left it to grow unchecked for all its time at my place to let it get vigorous and ready for the repot and hard pruning I knew I would perform on it. it has now been 9 days since it’s first styling and little buds are budding out...
  24. Y

    First time wiring ever.

    This is my first time ever wiring anything so welcome so criticism and feedback! I’m going for a cascade as it’s my wife’s favorite style of bonsai. Starting to bring that right side down and pruned a big branch on the left. Trimmed down the middle area to get it shorter as it was very leggy so...
  25. Deep Sea Diver

    Wintering Over on Balconies, Window wells, etc… request for information.

    Greetings Folks! Presently I’ve ben doing research on successful wintering over strategies. At this point I’m particularly interested in bonsai hobbyists that are constrained by their wintering over area. Folks that use balconies, window wells etc and have come up with good, workable...
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