1. dr.tenebris

    Azaleas acquired, tips tricks and general info about them appreciated!!

    I was out buying some groceries and my general store had some azaleas on sale... (The flowers caught my attention) I've been told that azaleas are very beginner friendly and given the sale... And the fact I needed a smaller pot for my poor poor Sequoia... I purchased one, I did quickly...
  2. Pitoon

    The start of a long journey...

    Last week I was at a local nursery, and noticed some white flowered I decided to have a closer look. There were several that were a single trunk verse the typical multiple trunks you usually see potted up. I decided to pick this one and trimmed it up. Now the long wait to grow it...
  3. Saddler

    Azalea Lost It’s ID

    I’m hoping someone here can help me identify this azalea. I have had them a year and a half. The previous owner doesn’t know either.
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