1. Apex37

    Pruning Tips

    I was curious what the usual course of action is when you have a branch that only has a downward or upward growing branch. This is for a crepe myrtle, as I'm sure this might be handled based on species and how well they backbud. I know this is usually not ideal and these branches are removed...
  2. ecalvillo7

    Pine question... growth without candles?

    Hi Bonsai Nuts! I got a pine from a friend some months ago and started to see some budding in the needles that were cut. It seems as if it does not grow by candles but by budding where the cut was made... so, now i don´t know if it is really a pine, or is it a different species of tree? Any help...
  3. V

    WHEN to cut old yew to get back budding on or near the trunk

    l've been combing this site and the internet in general for awhile seeking the answer to this question and am coming up short. I have several massive yews with foliage way out at the end of unattractive branches. I know you can cut them back and get budding on old wood, but WHEN do you do this...
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