bahama berry

  1. D

    Bahama Berry HELP!!!!

    Hi all, I'm in desperate need of help. My new bonsai is very quickly dying and I'm unsure what I can do to aid in it's recovery. I got it a few weeks ago and while it seemed healthy for a week or so, it almost immediately started dropping leaves (and quickly). I've attached a few pictures...
  2. milehigh_7

    Bahama Berry (Nashia inaguensis)

    Thanks to member @NewWorldBonsai for this little gem! The species is new to me so hopefully, I don't kill it. I picked it up on his eBay site. If you have never done any research on this tree, it super cool! As you can see in the pictures the leaves are tiny and shiny, the trunk is quite rugged...
  3. jaja87

    Brazilian rain tree and Bahama berry opinions

    Hey everyone, Just need some opinions I bought a small Brazilian rain tree and a mame Bahama berry tree today and they both come in small plastic planters with very water retentive soil. I definitely want the BRT to grow more so I bought an oversized pot for it it's root bound in its current...
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