1. Baku1875

    Baku's consolidated bucida spinosas/molinetti thread

    Consolidating all of my bucida spinosa/terminalia molinetti tree progressions and work into a single thread to keep things less spammy. I appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism, questions, suggestions. The poll is for the first tree. This is my 2nd biggest one, has kind of a long...
  2. Baku1875

    Baku's consolidated bougainvilleas progression thread

    Consolidating all my bougies into 1 thread so it's easier to update and easier for people to view and comment on these projects, and so it doesn't look like I'm spamming too much because I'm procuring a lot of bougies in the past few weeks (more to come as well), fast approaching 20! (now around...
  3. Baku1875

    Dwarf Barbados cherry air layers and future chops!

    Alright, thanks to BNut homies i identified this thing, and after dragging this tree out of the shady corner of my yard, it's time to seek out some of its potential. Here Air layer time Canadian peat and perlite mix and some sphagnum on top Two air layers ready to grow, might do another 2...
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