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    Water tray in Summer

    I have a few pre-bonsai trees in early development stage and this Spring I will repot them in 100% inorganic soils (50% pumice, 25% akadama, 25% lava rock) hopping to get a better growth next season! I will also repot them to in square collanders to provide lots of air to the roots. Summers are...
  2. S

    Wind Protection - Apartment Balcony

    Just moved to a 15th floor apartment with an east facing balcony in New York. Would love to add some trees (have my eyes set on a maple) but I am concerned about wind damage and proper wintering. I have been reading these forums for solutions but it looks like most people with similar questions...
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    Nursery Discounted Amur, Fall Chop?

    Greetings. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I scooped up a 1/2 price Amur Maple this weekend in Denver. I was going to buy a grill at HomeDepot when I naturally stumbled upon some Amur Maples for $35. I have been raising a small collection of tropical trees indoors under lights in the...
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