bald cypress dying branches

  1. T

    Help with Bald Cypress

    Hello.. I feel absolutely awful for having to write this but want to try to ask for help before it’s possibly too late. I bought a Bald Cypress on Facebook marketplace around 5 months ago. Here is a picture on the first day I got it. A beautiful tree, originally from Florida. I live in an...
  2. atyrius

    Newly potted Bald Cypress wilting

    Recently got some cypress, and other conifers and the bald and montezuma seem to be struggling. I know BC can change colors in the fall, but this seems something is wrong. I live on the oregon coast and water every day that it does not rain. Suggestions?
  3. David Nelams

    Bald Cypress in distress!

    I have a Bald Cypress that I harvested 4 years ago, For 3 years it lived in a homemade goldfish pond, since I moved I repotted it. Everything was going good until I asked my 12yr old son to move it for me. I turned away for a minute that’s when he tried picking it up by the trunk, pulling the...
  4. Ampersand

    Help with my Bald Cypress

    Hello, I live in the Chicago area and I currently have a bald cypress bonsai tree that ive had for about 5 months. Recently I noticed the leaves were turning a dark green and started to shrivel up. I Also recently moved it to my office sue to my apartment heater not working. Any ideas on why...
  5. M

    Bald cypress dying branches

    Hi, I'm new to the page. I live in south Florida and bought this BC from a nursery last winter while it was dormant. It was like 8' tall before I cut it down. It came back from dormancy perfectly but a month ago the oldest and strongest brach suddenly died and two other follow. I noticed a very...
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