barbados cherry

  1. Baku1875

    Dwarf Barbados cherry air layers and future chops!

    Alright, thanks to BNut homies i identified this thing, and after dragging this tree out of the shady corner of my yard, it's time to seek out some of its potential. Here Air layer time Canadian peat and perlite mix and some sphagnum on top Two air layers ready to grow, might do another 2...
  2. brennobonsai

    I want to make a drastic cut on my barbados cherry

    I've had this plant for over 2 years, it comes from an air layer of a tree that is about 10 years old here at home. At the time I didn't know anything about bonsai and I ended up making a cut that made me lose part of the bark. I've been trying to make a good design on this plant but it's been...
  3. Apex37

    Repot and Trim

    Finally got around to repotting and trimming some trees. Trying a mix of 50/50 pine bark and lava rock for these and see how it goes. 1. Barbados Cherry 2. Dwarf Jade 3. Ginseng Ficus
  4. M

    Air Layers failing

    So I started three different air layers on my potted fruit trees in early October, I live in zone 7b. One on my Barbados cherry tree and two on my orange tree. I have successfully air layered other deciduous trees but have had no success with fruit trees. All three air layers were doing just...
  5. Crassula king

    Barbados cherry flowers.

    Hey, my Barbados cherry is getting ready to flower for the first time(since I have had it). Tips on care? Watering, fertilizing, etc. Thanks! Also, if anyone is able to tell me which of the two popular varieties of Barbados cherry I have that would be incredibly helpful.
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