1. T

    Help with Barbados Cherry

    I'm looking for advice on styling and pros and cons of removing the lower limb this spring. Good idea or bad?
  2. milehigh_7

    Cause The Nut Asked for pics

    @Bonsai Nut You asked for pics... So I got a couple of new toys to play with. I am very interested in the Lycium genus (goji berries) It seems there are several that are native to the Southwest US I have had Andersonii and it's awesome so I had the chance to snag up Fremontii and I did so. There...
  3. JoeR

    Dwarf Barbados Cherry

    So at the Winter Bonsai Silhouette show I bought a dwarf barbados cherry prebonsai from a vendor for what I think is a good price. I have been thinking about purchasing one from wigerts for some time. Anyway, I bought it saturday and I noticed today that the leaves drop very easily when...
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