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  1. Apex37

    How to Handle Bareroot Plants/Seedlings in Winter?

    What is the best way to go about handling bareroot plants/seedlings purchased during this time of year? This is for some Zelkova I’m trying out. My plan was to just protect from freezing temps and potting them up all together in a nursery pot with just normal potting soil till spring when I plan...
  2. trigo

    Kill it or make a bonsai

    I've seen ryan neil say this on multiple streams on mirai live, in this video at 16:33 he's saying this again. Reduce the rootball enough to fit a bonsai pot, it's a kill it or make a bonsai moment... but following that logic, why not bare root? why not make more drastic moves on initial stages...
  3. trigo

    Shimpaku Kishu - Field Grown - Progress Thread

    Making this thread to share the progress and procedures that, i did / will do, on this juniper. i will leave here the link to the imgur gallery Bought this Shimpaku Kishu on November 03 2022 (late spring) at a famous bonsai grower here in Brazil, it was field grown specifically for bonsai and...
  4. C

    Collected Mugo Pines. Help!

    So I just got two mugo pines from free Craigslist (like 5 mins ago). I know it’s the wrong time of year to be doing anything in the way of collecting/planting/potting, but the guy wanted them gone ASAP. It also happens to be 100 degrees in Michigan today (great lol). My question is, to keep...
  5. K

    Can i trunk chop a bare root flowering cherry? Has started to leaf out and has blossoms

    Local club was selling bareroot flowering cherry trees fairly cheap, 8 bucks for trees about 10 feet tall, 1"-2" diameter trunks. They are grafted onto bases with diameters of about 4". They have already leafed out, and have blossoms, and have no branches on the lower 2-3 feet of trunk. My...
  6. G-Hoppa

    What would yew do in a situation like this?

    Hi there-- I just picked up a large (4-5 foot) Taxus hicksii with a decent trunk (maybe 2 1/2" dia.) for a great price. But it's been sitting in the same 5-gal pot for a couple years at the nursery and it's yellowing badly. Nothing wilted or dead yet, just murky yellow-green all over. I figure...
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