beech european fagus sylvatica

  1. Gottibonsai

    Fagus forest design sketch

    Hi guys, today I want to share you my beech bonsai forest project. Now it is not a forest at all, just some fagus tree that I let in that pot to grow during the last year. From the forest I copied on my drawing a medium size tree on the left and two of the tree major trees from the actual...
  2. Gnarly Beech

    Gnarly Beech

    Hollow Fagus
  3. European beech

    European beech

  4. European Beech

    European Beech

    Fagus Sylvatica
  5. Power Beech

    Power Beech

  6. Beech


  7. European Beech

    European Beech

  8. Beech


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