beech european fagus sylvatica

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    Beech, Fagus
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  4. A

    Yamadori Beech

    Just collected this yamadori beech. Really easy collect and tons of small fine roots. Kind of in doubt of how i should prune and style this? Any advise? :)
  5. LunaticTree

    Update on Yamadori collection from 2020

    Hello there! Last year in early Spring I was collecting a bunch of different Species from a nearby Forest that recently got choped down entirely. So there was a lot of new Growth going on and so many Beech trees! ObviousIy had Persmission to do so. I was surprised how well they rooted, and all...
  6. Gottibonsai

    Fagus forest design sketch

    Hi guys, today I want to share you my beech bonsai forest project. Now it is not a forest at all, just some fagus tree that I let in that pot to grow during the last year. From the forest I copied on my drawing a medium size tree on the left and two of the tree major trees from the actual...
  7. Gnarly Beech

    Gnarly Beech

    Hollow Fagus
  8. European Beech

    European Beech

    Fagus Sylvatica
  9. Power Beech

    Power Beech

  10. Beech


  11. European Beech

    European Beech

  12. Beech


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