beech hedge

  1. ForeverRaynning

    Best time and method to air layer European Beech?

    I’ve tried looking online and on the forum but its still quite confusing. General advice is airlayer after the new growth has hardened off. However I also hear/see people have air layered before then (ie February) and had success. Does anyone know which timing is best? Its still frosty here...
  2. ForeverRaynning

    Newbie to Bonsai, any of this have potential to be air layered?

    Hopefully this is the right subforum. I made a post in the ‘new to bonsai’ section and got some suggestions to try cuttings and air layering to propegate some local trees/plants whilst I wait on my seeds. I went and had a look at the beech hedge we have and took some pictures, these are just...
  3. FinnLakk

    Beech hedge, 60+ years old

    So I have the opportunity to collect as many of these European beeches as I like, they've been growing here for 60+ years. There's a couple in there with interesting trunks that would be worth having. However the problem comes as they need to be out of there by October and obviously the best...
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