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    Last years collected Lilac. Where to go from here?

    I collected this Lilac tree from my garden last year in March, all of the branches that you can see grew over the last Summer. What should my next steps be now?
  2. K

    American Larch #1

    Hey, Just documenting my first American larch (Tamarack) progression. Bought from the flower market in Michigan in November of 2021. Replanted from a pond basket this spring into a pot from a small potter out of Virginia. Attached photos are pre-trim and pre-repot. Goals for the tree: Get...
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    Japanese Maple cascade

    Hey all, Just making this thread to document the progression of my yard-adori red Japanese maple into a hopeful cascade. Collected from my parent's yard in March of 2021 and attached photos will show its original shape and styling. It was repotted and wired today into a tall terracotta cylinder...
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    Hello Everyone !

    I am Andres, I am a beginner in the need of help on getting in to the bonsai world, I have been watching videos and reading a lot, but I realized there are so many things I may need to ask. I hope to get your advice and hopefully not to get confused with the amount of information there may be...
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