1. MiyagiFan

    Yew - First Initial Styling

    Just recently finished the 1st initial structure styling of this Yew. Here's a before and after. I know it's really basic and needs trimmed and detail wiring but that can wait. Thinking I should let it recover all next year and do repot in 23. It was a learning experience for sure. Definitely...
  2. L

    Lorax7 Bihou #1 progression

    Repotted into wooden box to grow, spring 2021. Here it is in fall, before and after doing some bending to put a bit of movement in the trunk. Broke one branch in the process, so I planted bits from that as cuttings. Haven’t had great luck with cuttings, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Note for...
  3. Baker

    Hinoki Cypress styling advice

    Hello all! I’ve only posted here once (asking for hinoki advice) but I spend many hours here reading. Since my first post I have fallen ever deeper into my bonsai addiction. Let’s just say both my porches are full of trees. Anyway, I have got a few Hinoki Cypresses and one sawara cypress, so I...
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