beni maiko

  1. Ming dynasty

    Seigen, arakawa, Deshojo Katsura

    Hi y’all I recently got into Bonsai world and dove in head first. I’m looking for someone with exp to guide me on the next few steps to get these tree towards the right direction. i repotted the seigen and arakawa (in wooded box) over a month ago before realizing that’s not the right thing to...
  2. ajm55555

    Beni Maiko Air layer

    Does anyone have experience air-layering a Beni Maiko JM? Can it be done easily with this species? Can I do it at the end of Spring or I should wait for the Summer? I wouldn't want to lose the tree... I would like to get the top part as a multi-trunk, so cut below the first bifurcation. Thanks!
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