1. FilipMerynos

    Ficus benjamina natasha development

    Hello guys, I'd like to share my 5 years (4 of them were just mistakes) work on this ficus benjamina "Natasha". May 2015 July 2018 May-August-October 2019 March 2020 It's been a long road, I did many mistakes but also learned a lot. I think the tree already has changed and I will post an...
  2. MHBonsai

    Big Benjamina Freebie

    I lucked into a big Ficus Benjamina. I know the hurdles and shortcomings of using these for bonsai, so please spare me the lecture... :) This one came from a friend who dearly loves the tree, but isn't able to keep it any longer. Thank goodness my wife is forgiving, the tree is huge. Nearly...
  3. Boise_Guy

    Ficus Benjamina Chop

    I got this 20 year old Ficus off Craigslist about 3 months ago and have acclimated it to my house in this SE corner where it gets good light from windows. It was repotted 3 weeks ago in pine bark (organic), cinder (inorganic rock), sand mix (40/50/10% respectively). Its doing okay now after...
  4. aframe


    Here's the start of a Banyan Style. Branch selection after winter.
  5. Ficus, trunk merger

    Ficus, trunk merger

    This tree grouping was bought at a hardware store and wrapped with hopes of merging the individual trunks into a single unit.
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