1. akhater

    [2019- ] Berberis I

    Now that I made my "introduction" again I would like to kick start with this Berberis I bought a few weeks ago (not sure which berberis kind ) As bought Bare-rooting In the new container & hacked back Looking for a shohin / mame size tree I feel that one of the 2 "trunks" should go but...
  2. NateDav

    Want chojubi and berberis.

    Hello all, Looking for decent starter, pre-bonsai, or initially styled chojubi or berberis material with character. I like to develop into shohin and chuhin. Not looking to spend a fortune but if the material is good will pay a fair price. Been looking for a while and haven't come across much...
  3. defra

    Berberis thunbergii

    Ive been on the look out for a berberis for a while now but all the small ones i came across were multiple shoots coming up from the roots But today i was Lucky! Single trunk taper and hopefully some nice roots. Not the healthyest of the bunch but ill provide it with great care so i wil get...
  4. Gsquared

    "Urban Yamadori" Berberis

    A church near me was ripping out a parking lot and this big berberis was over on the cast off debris pile. It had been mostly covered in dirt, but I wrapped it in plastic and took it home. The few roots that were left looked fairly strong, so I potted it up an am keeping my fingers crossed that...
  5. Sn0W

    Garden Centre Haul

    So Today I picked up these bargains. I posted yesterday about a Japanese Red Pine and went back today to pick it up. Started speaking to the manager again and ended up leaving with a lot more. I realise that I didn't put anything in the pictures for scale, but the JRP is a monster and the...
  6. Latest attempt

    Latest attempt

    I think this is a member of the berberis family i potted this up a few weeks b4 photo taken it seems to have taken off despite the severity of the 2nd winter which started 1 week later. I found this in the guttering of a block of flats 3 years ago.
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