betula pendula

  1. Windswept Birch

    Windswept Birch

  2. Ferg91

    Silver birch/mugo pine stratification/germination

    Hello I had tried the Mugo pine and Silverbirch stratification and germination before unfortunately with 0% success I was wondering if anyone has had any success and getting these little buggers to germinate. All info would be much appreciated thank you very much
  3. Vrikshasana

    Birch Help!

    This is my weeping birch, it’s been growing like gangbusters all spring (after a very tough fall and winter thanks to pest pressures that we overcame) It’s really been doing awesome (and in need of pruning, I know, but I’m letting it grow wild to build back vigor) ...until about a week or two...
  4. Birch


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