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  1. woodkraftbonsai

    Big Box Store Japanese Maple - chop and root prune? Or just chop?

    Found this maple at Home Depot and couldn’t pass it up due to the price. Had to chop most of the branches off to get into the suv for the ride home. It was balled and bur-lapped in the pot. I pulled it away a bit and just under the clay soil there is some root flare. I will probably ground/air...
  2. jordystokes

    Need some help with juniper

    Looking for some help with my juniper. Personal Info: I have been practicing bonsai for only a season, but I got bit by the bug pretty hard. I have several trees, some bonsai, but mostly pre-bonsai. I have masters degree in biomolecular science, so I understand the basic biological processes...
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