1. S

    Birch Design Choices

    I have been staring at this birch for a while now and don't know where to start progressing it. It grew well last season and has just sitting until I can figure out what to do with it. This is what looks like the front that the previous owner envisioned but it presents a few problems like the...
  2. Vrikshasana

    Birch Help!

    This is my weeping birch, it’s been growing like gangbusters all spring (after a very tough fall and winter thanks to pest pressures that we overcame) It’s really been doing awesome (and in need of pruning, I know, but I’m letting it grow wild to build back vigor) ...until about a week or two...
  3. Rivka

    How small of a root ball?

    I have a chance to save a lovely contorted weeping birch, but its intwined in a running bamboo grove some folks are trying to kill. How small if a rootball can i get away with if i want to have a chance in hell of saving this long enough to air layer some day right below the great thick curve...
  4. Maloghurst

    Clump heritage river birch?

    I’ve been looking at this for probably 2 years at a local nursery and contemplating its potential. I have thus far left it alone. It’s on clearance for about 70.00. I probably won’t buy it but curious if you all see a great opportunity or a waste of time, money and space. I did a quick virt on...
  5. Paulpash

    Field grown Birch

    This tree I've grown in my mother in law's beds that I 'acquired' for bonsai when she got ill and I had to do the maintenance :(. It's around 15 years old as best I can remember. It seeded itself there and for once I decided it could stay as it was in a gap. Normally, I'd weed them out - at...
  6. Fishtank307

    Birch bonsai in the making

    I collected this downy birch (betula pubescens) in March from a field. I planted it in a mix of akadama, lava rock, perlite and composted cow manure (sounds weird, I know). It grew extremely well! I'm not planning on pruning it, just removed some suckers and recently also some of the larger...
  7. MountainExplorer

    Paper birch seedling

    I was wondering if I could keep a birch under some T5's for the winter while it's a seedling. I have been growing it since it sprouted out of moss I picked. Idk what's ya think?
  8. F

    Birch seedling. Should I break out the shears?

    Hello, I have a birch seedling that I am hoping to make into a bonsai. The plan is to go for a 12 inch tall broom style bonsai. Right now the plant is just over 4 inches tall. I read to top it 1/3 of the final height and then let the top grow out into the broom part. So my question is: Do I top...
  9. Betula species (Silver Birch)

    Betula species (Silver Birch)

    Collected Yamadori Stock 2nd place in Mame/Shohin up to 9" class (9 in class) Scottish Bonsai Association National Show 2009
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