1. Maloghurst

    Clump heritage river birch?

    I’ve been looking at this for probably 2 years at a local nursery and contemplating its potential. I have thus far left it alone. It’s on clearance for about 70.00. I probably won’t buy it but curious if you all see a great opportunity or a waste of time, money and space. I did a quick virt on...
  2. Paulpash

    Field grown Birch

    This tree I've grown in my mother in law's beds that I 'acquired' for bonsai when she got ill and I had to do the maintenance :(. It's around 15 years old as best I can remember. It seeded itself there and for once I decided it could stay as it was in a gap. Normally, I'd weed them out - at...
  3. Fishtank307

    Birch bonsai in the making

    I collected this downy birch (betula pubescens) in March from a field. I planted it in a mix of akadama, lava rock, perlite and composted cow manure (sounds weird, I know). It grew extremely well! I'm not planning on pruning it, just removed some suckers and recently also some of the larger...
  4. MountainExplorer

    Paper birch seedling

    I was wondering if I could keep a birch under some T5's for the winter while it's a seedling. I have been growing it since it sprouted out of moss I picked. Idk what's ya think?
  5. F

    Birch seedling. Should I break out the shears?

    Hello, I have a birch seedling that I am hoping to make into a bonsai. The plan is to go for a 12 inch tall broom style bonsai. Right now the plant is just over 4 inches tall. I read to top it 1/3 of the final height and then let the top grow out into the broom part. So my question is: Do I top...
  6. Betula species (Silver Birch)

    Betula species (Silver Birch)

    Collected Yamadori Stock 2nd place in Mame/Shohin up to 9" class (9 in class) Scottish Bonsai Association National Show 2009
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