black pine seedlings

  1. RobertB

    Bud Selection / Pruning on Vigorous Japanese Black Pine 1 yr Seedlings

    I thought I had seen something on this before but i have searched Bonsai tonight up and down and a little research here and cannot find anything on. My concern is if i allow my vigorous 1 year seedlings with multiple whorls of bud to extend is, it could lead to reverse taper in the section of...
  2. mwar15

    Japanese Red pine seedlings For Sale/Trade

    I have 6 Japanese red pine seedlings. These are one that were left in the shade, wire left on too long and a couple I experimented with cutting the buds. They are in 3-4" pots. If you want more pictures let me know. They will be going on the FB auction Sunday (10/29). I don't know what...
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