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  1. gapoy

    Cork Bark Black Pine

    Hello guys! £70 for this cork bark, do you think it's a good deal? If not, how would you pick a cork bark bonsai? Do you think it's a good time (autumn) to be buying bonsai?
  2. Carapace

    Is pinus nigra a good replacement for JBP?

    Hi, I have a austrian black pine and I was looking at some JBP and thought to myself, these two tree's look very similar and I thought that maybe people prefer JBP for some other reasons, like growth rate or resistance to some kind of disease or maybe just a cultural thing, cuz you know, bonsai...
  3. J

    Development of JBP

    I have 3 different Japanese Black Pine saplings, I think they are about 3-4 years old. I have had them from small seedling/saplings. I think I basically understand how a pine can go from this stage to a refined tree via letting a sacrifice branch grow out, and by keeping the lower branches nice...
  4. Ming dynasty

    Where to buy?

    Hi everyone, the book I’m reading provided some nursery which I can buy seedlings/liners from. But it requires that I buy a wholesale amount or require some sort of licensing. Question where do y’all source for tree/seedlings, substrates and supply. Any recommendations are welcome have a good...
  5. PNW_Bonsai

    Black pine loosing needles in June

    My black pine has started dropping some needles. Started around a month ago. Only the inner needles are yellowing and dropping similar to what I’ve seen in the fall, but I did not expect to see this in June. The buds have opened and seem healthy and there is a fair amount of back-budding...
  6. Y

    Black pine seedling fertilizer

    My seedlings just popped through two days ago. Was wondering when to start fertilizing these seedlings? I don’t want to burn them or kill them so I just need some advice in when seedlings start getting fertilizer
  7. W

    How to cut a black pine

    So I am very new to bonsai I understand how to cut deciduous tree but conifer or pine I’m kind of lost. mod I need to take it in stages? I have a tree that, if it was straight would be 3 feet tall. I think. It’s about a inch and a half in diameter. But I want to shorten it a lot obviously. I’ll...
  8. D

    Online source for black pine pre-bonsai

    I want to find a black pine that I can start the development stage on, for around $200 or less. It doesn't have to be huge but something that has mature bark or will start to developing good bark in a few years. Is this possible for that price and where from? I don't have any bonsai nurseries...
  9. C

    Japanese Black Pine Seeds

    I'm not super picky about the cultivar (or parent cultivar, rather), but am looking for some Japanese black pine seeds. Ideally I would just buy a pinecone, but am open to loose seeds too.
  10. M

    Japanese black pine dying?

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and I’m writing here to see if any of you could help me. My parents planted a Japanese black pine almost a year and a half ago. A few months ago, the tips of its needles started browning and I’m wondering if it’s because of a fungus infection or something. It also...
  11. L

    Japanese Black Pine browning tips

    Hello all, I have some experience with bonsai, 3-4 years, but no real training. This Black pine was a new addition this winter and recently it's begun having brown tips. I have never had a pine, but from my research they lose their old needles very slowly, but at the same time once they show...
  12. L

    Kifu? Black pine design help

    Just received a new field grown pine last week with the intention of making a shohin when I ordered it. Once the tree arived I’ve been considering maybe kifu size. Besides being a member of the forum I haven’t been able to make it to any local club meetings or meet anyone who share my hobby...
  13. Clicio

    Cascade Nishiki Matsu - Where to go

    This is a young cork bark JBP that is healthily hanging from its terracota training pot. Doesn't look like a really beautiful cascade right now, any suggestions?
  14. Samuel Ross

    Samuel Ross's Black Pine Contest Thread

    I have ordered a quarter pound from FW Schumacher and 500 seeds from I will post pictures when they arrive.
  15. syon_r

    Temperatures for growing black pine seeds

    I want to try the Japanese black pine from seed contest. I am going to stratify them in February or March, and plant in April. In Denver in April average low temperatures are around 35 degrees. Should I grow them indoors until May or June when temperature lows are in the 50s and then move...
  16. syon_r

    How to create large black pines?

    First of all, I have seen plenty of articles on trunk development for small shohin black pine bonsai, but I haven't seen any for large black pine bonsai. I have pre bonsai that are a foot in height, and I would like to eventually get them to around two feet in height. I have selected existing...
  17. Clicio

    JBP - Is there any hope?

    Hi, all. Got this young leggy Black Pine from a friend (already wired...) and my hope is chopping the main trunk below the reverse taper and let it grow free to thicken the trunk. Is there any hope for this as a future bonsai, or should I forget about it?
  18. BeebsBonsai

    JBP watering

    hey all, How long do you all wait between waterings of your japanese black pine during the heat of the summer? I think im waterinng a bit much now that the growth has hardened off and I just wanted to see what you guys do as far as watering them. Its 90 here all week and i have been...
  19. RileyJFDB13

    Wiring Left on Black Pine on purpose.

    Curious to what this technique is called, I have seen the end result of this technique and it looks great but I would like to know the name to further investigate it. To my knowledge I let the candles extend as long as possible every season until the wire is no longer visible. Hers some...
  20. BonsaiButler

    Black pine needle cast

    I know there are some expert black pine guys around here that may be able to shed some light on this problem. Several of my pines are showing signs of needle cast. Some more severe than others. How do you identify the cause\ treatment. I have already sprayed copper fungicide and lime sulfur...

    Flawed Black Pine Picked up this Black Pine today with some flaws. The reverse taper, circular roots and such cannot be repaired. I need some help developing the style and future of this tree. What do you guys think? Should I tilt, jin, or some combination of both?
  22. markyscott

    Black Pine Seedling Cuttings

    Here's an inexpensive and rewarding project. There are lots of resources on this - I think that most of them follow the method published in "Matsuo, K., Black Pine from Seed, Bonsai Today #20, pp. 39-50". Here are some great links: Black Pine from Seed A Few Pine Seeds, Six Years Later How to...
  23. Shan Anand

    Visit to Monastery of the Holy Spirit, GA

    Merry Christmas, folks! Visited this place a couple of months ago to check out their Bonsai collection, pots they had and was not disappointed at all.. Here are some pics from the visit.
  24. aframe


    This is a tree I bought from my teacher in March. He wanted me to wire it and put it in our club show back in April. But after studying it, I chose to repot it and begin addressing it's faults: S-curve trunk, with long straight sections Thick branching vs. trunk size Erratic nebari March 2015:
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