blue spruce

  1. L

    Blue Spruce: best timing for heavy pruning and wiring

    Hi, completely new to bonsai and to the forum. I recently acquired an untrained Blue Spruce. It's completely packed with thick branches, which I will need to reduce significantly. My questions is, what is the best time of the year to do some heavy pruning and wiring? Right about now at the turn...
  2. MiyagiFan

    Blue Spruce Thoughts?

    Hello there. Picked up this Blue Spruce from a side of the road nursery as I thought it might have some potential. Seems to want to want be a leaning style or wire to informal upright? Dug down into the base and seen this interesting trunk. Any thoughts on that? Was thinking I should style/wire...
  3. WesternGrower

    Blue Spruce Needle Sap

    Does anyone know why a blue spruce would be producing visible sap on its needles/is this normal? Google seems to fail me here. Picture of several sappy needles A ball of sap, there are several of these spread about.
  4. WesternGrower

    Spruce Backbudding

    Well it would appear that I've managed to get my Blue Spruce to backbud, but only on one branch. Its worth noting, I didnt do anything special and I wasnt trying to get it backbud either. Do you think these buds will mature and open up this season? I see smaller buds forming on the hardened off...
  5. WesternGrower

    Blue Spruce New Growth

    So I have a blue spruce I am attempting to turn into a bonsai, and it currently has its first flush of new growth. I have read that I should be pinching off this new growth, and others say to leave it be. I have attached some picture of it, the new growth is about an inch and a half long now...
  6. Escopeton

    Blue Spruce

    I picked up this tree last spring in our local mountains. It came out with a nice root ball and all I did was plant it in this temporary pot. I haven't done anything to it, just wanted it to get use to being in a pot. Any suggestion on what to do next will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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