blue star

  1. juniper03


    First repot. Feb. 2020
  2. juniper02


    juniperus squamata blue star
  3. 01.jpg


    juniperus squamata blue star
  4. FilipMerynos

    Blue star cascade after full growth season and rewiring

    I'm kinda proud of it ;) Still young and a lot ahead of him. Looking for a decent narrow and high blue pot. What do you think? Best, Filip
  5. Crizzi Questions

    Blue Star juniper nursery stock styling advice

    I purchased this nursery stock blue star juniper 3 weeks ago. I’ve slip potted into a slightly larger pot adding potting soil mixed with orchid potting mix (mostly bark). I kept it shaded for a week and now have it transitioned into full sun. I’ve cleaned up the trunk some and cleared dead...
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