1. MattE

    Serissa styling and advice.

    Hey all. Just wanted to show you a serrissa I just picked up. I got a good deal on it and fell in love with the semi cascade. I tool the wires off as it was to tight and left on to long. A if some of you have styling ideas please share thoughts. B it's in horrible soil right now. Very muddy...
  2. LunaticTree

    Please help identifying this Tree!

    Hello there, I got this Tree from a local "Nursery" as they wnated to throw it away but I took a liking to it. I got it for free, and now it stands in my Garden, I want to style it really badly, But I dont know what Type of Tree it is. The Nursery didnt know either all they said is, they had...
  3. Juniper Squamata (Blue Star) 02

    Juniper Squamata (Blue Star) 02

    First repot. Feb. 2020
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