1. MattE

    Serissa styling and advice.

    Hey all. Just wanted to show you a serrissa I just picked up. I got a good deal on it and fell in love with the semi cascade. I tool the wires off as it was to tight and left on to long. A if some of you have styling ideas please share thoughts. B it's in horrible soil right now. Very muddy...
  2. LunaticTree

    Please help identifying this Tree!

    Hello there, I got this Tree from a local "Nursery" as they wnated to throw it away but I took a liking to it. I got it for free, and now it stands in my Garden, I want to style it really badly, But I dont know what Type of Tree it is. The Nursery didnt know either all they said is, they had...
  3. juniper03


    First repot. Feb. 2020
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