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  1. S

    Zelkova Help

    I bought this Zelkova bonsai 4 days ago, what is happening and what can I do?!
  2. Ishaan

    Going to bonsai nursery - what to get?

    Hey everyone, I recently have been traveling, and have the opportunity to visit Lucky Bonsai, (look up their website, they are amazing). I went once today to “scope it out” in a manner of speaking, but did not make any purchases. Prices are quite reasonable compared to my area, as in 2 - 3x less...
  3. S

    1st Bonsai any tips?

    My gf bought me this ficus retusa about 2 weeks ago and I was wondering what I should do with this root sticking out of the pot? I was thinking of just cutting it or repotting it but I’m not sure if that would hurt the plant?
  4. O

    Bonsai not growing to full potential

    Hello all, I have had this bonsai for approximately 2 years, however it has never really grown to be thick and has always been quite sparse. After doing a bit of youtubeing, i was thinking of repotting it in spaghnum moss. However, I wanted to ask on a forum to get further advice before doing...
  5. M

    New to this! Acer Palmatum

    Hello! I recently got an Acer Palmatum Bonsai as a gift and have some questions about it. I was hoping I could get some feedback on what I should do. I have read some posts about it but always end up wondering how to properly take care of mine. Some context: I keep it at home and live in a...
  6. B

    Is my Bonsai dead?

    Hi! Pretty new to bonsai and plants overall! Got this beauty as a gift, and have been doing my best to take care of it, however, because of how I work I am away from home at times. The plant was taken care of but some how grew mold. This was about three months ago and worked to get it off. Now...
  7. R

    Hawaiian Umbrella Tree possibly in shock.

    Hello, I received this Hawaiian Umbrella tree in the mail yesterday. I live in Minnesota, which was approximately 30°. I requested a signature on the package, so I would be able to bring it directly inside. The package was instead left in front of the house for approximately 4 hours. When I...
  8. J

    Chinese elm is sick

    Hi guys, I recently brought my chinese elm back in from outside because of how it looks. I am living in Massachusetts, USA and it’s fall season so I originally thought my tree was shedding leaves due to the season. However, when I saw it last week I had to bring it in. Lately it’s been cold at...
  9. R

    Ficus leaves turning brown

    Hi! I am pretty new to ficus bonsai (and to plants in general). It's leaves started turning brown, drying and falling off. The first pic is from 30 sept, the second one from 3rd oct and the last one from today (so you can see the evolution). I water it once a week until the soil is hydrated and...
  10. SandSquid

    Trident with Very Straight Trunk - Help!

    Looking for a bit of help and guidance. Suggestions. Good-to-knows. Anything that’ll help. I’m fairly new to bonsai, and I’ve had this guy for a little bit, a trident maple. The trunk is about 2” wide at the base before it tapers ever so slightly up. This trunk is very straight and forks into...
  11. T

    Mildew problem on crepe myrtle

    Recently got this crepe myrtle and it had some pest problems so I made a mixture of 1tbsp neem oil 1 tbsp baking soda w water and now it looks like it has another problem. Was hoping someone could help me with remedies
  12. Nicks_Bonsai

    Italian Cypress HELP!

    Can anyone help with my Italian Cypress can't seem to find much help, I know it's not a common bonsai to have but I'm guessing it's similar to a juniper. Basically was repotted about 2 months ago and have only recently within the last week or so noticed that some of the foliage is turning...
  13. C

    Help my Miniature Mikawa Yatsubusa Maple Bonsai

    can anyone tell what is happening with my bonsai maple. I check the root its seems fine. Stopped watering as much and only giving sun for couple hrs. I have been misting every day but the leaves are still dry and curling but not falling off. been like this for about a month any advice?
  14. apexmusic420

    Help getting ideas with styling this bonsai and repotting it soon. Any tips?

    So I bought this bonsai from Amazon 2 months ago and I'm starting to see new growth, I'm not sure what to do with it, do I let it grow for ramification or do I need to prune, the previous pruning was really sloppy, leaving half cut branches and half cut leaves. And tip would be great. I also...
  15. M

    Please help. Why is my Olive Bonsai Tree Dying?

    I recently purchased an olive bonsai tree for a great deal on Instagram from a small, unknown company. The tree was shipped bare-rooted with sand soil, so I repotted it in the largest bonsai pot I own with an inorganic mix of pumice and akadama. There is still some green under the bark, so there...
  16. J

    Advice for first time planting

    Hi, I‘ve bought and have a few other bonsais but recently purchased a few seeds and wanted to try my hand at growing new ones from seed. I’m just unsure if there’s a soil that would suit them best during this process and then when they’re big enough to be potted in with their suitable soil...
  17. S

    My Brazilian Raintree is super sad with some crispy leaves. What am I doing wrong?!

    Sorry in advance if I am posting this thread to the wrong place, this will be my first post here. I live in Orlando, FL and keep my trees on a West facing, enclosed patio, so they get about 5 hours of sunlight a day. I recently purchased my second BRT close to three weeks ago. I will try to...
  18. D

    Murisaki Kiyohime Bonsai

    I’m new to Bonsai and I got a Murisaki Kyohime. I know I need to prune it and shape it, but frankly, I look at it and don’t even know which branches I should prune, I’m going nutz here. Any help will be highly appreciated 🙏
  19. In_Two_Worlds

    Newbie Question: identify and care (pics attached)

    I have recently purchased my first little bonsai. I have always admired the diversity in how they can be pruned and shaped and felt a deep respect for bonsai tree owners . I am really wanting to research what type of bonsai I aquired, so I can learn how to give it a prosperous, life. Any...
  20. cherrytrix

    My darling Fukien Tea is looking sad, please help me navigate this!

    As stated, I have a young Fukien Tea i keep by a small humidifier in my sunny room of the house. Live in TX so the A/c is almost always on. Lately the leaves have been dropping and turning brown on my darling tree. What is going on?
  21. Apex37

    What Bonsai Has Taught Me

    There’s tons of similar threads to this, but I wanted to make one to highlight what bonsai has taught me and continues to teach me and take time to really thank the people here on Bonsai Nut. I don’t have many friends, maybe 2 in total, my significant other being my best friend. This community...
  22. goth_gardener

    Hardcore bending experiment Boxleaf - hallowing, bracing, and breaking trunk

    Hello! I tried my hand experimenting on this very very stiff boxleaf tree I got from a local nursery, using a technique I’d seen videos of some bonsai teachers and enthusiasts doing. I hollowed out a channel on the back of the trunk to make the tree bendable, laid in copper wire, raffia wrapped...
  23. W

    I cannot find what is this in my Chinese Elm Bonsai, is this black spots?

    I am new to the bonsai world. And I feel like I'm going crazy? because I don't know what's going on with my bonsai. I haven't found anything like it on the internet and forums. A little bit of history, I've had it for 1 month. It got infected with white bugs, so I treated it with...
  24. Nicks_Bonsai

    Urgent Trident Maple Help!

    Needs some urgent help Not sure if this is normal but my Shohin Trident Maple which I purchased back in December has come into leaf like a month back however the leaves were looking a bit tangled and bunched together, after a few weeks I left it outside a few weeks back when the night temp went...
  25. D

    Propagating aerial roots on ficus, trying something without knowing if that works, please suggest.

    I'm trying to propagate aerial roots for my ficus, used some wet sphagnum moss wrapped around a portion on the extended trunk. I'm not sure if it is going to help or not and am I doing it right, could someone suggest.
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