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  1. M

    Bonsai near balcony door... did i just kill my bonsai?

    Hello, I live in a small house and now have 5 indoor bonsai that I am really enjoying, one of which is a bilobed Grewia (Grewia Biloba) I got for Christmas. So I set up a stand by the southern window, beside the door to my porch where the rest bonsai tools and pots are. In the past week I...
  2. V

    Tiny/Microscopic Bugs in Bonsai, Leaves Spotting

    Hi! I got a Ficus Bonsai last week, and it seemed perfectly fine. As the soil was completely dry, I watered it the next day, and many tiny microscopic insects came to the surface of the soil, and then crawled back down. When I lifted the pot from the plate (where the water drains), there were...
  3. N

    Gifted a Japanese Maple - Need fall/winter advice

    Hello. After spending a few weeks talking and learning about bonsai, I was gifted my first, a Japanese maple, yesterday from my very well-meaning girlfriend. It came with a book (101 Essential Tips) and I’ve been watching youtube videos on watering and specifically on not over watering. I’m...
  4. J

    Winter prep

    My baby juniper has been doing great indoors, perched on a sunny window sill. I live in an apartment were it's not possible for me to take my tree outside. I live in Kentucky and winter is coming, since the tree is not kept outside. Should I do anything to prep it for winter?
  5. Andrew R.

    Is this tree dead? Is there any hope?

    Hello- I am new to bonsai and would greatly appreciate any advice on this tree. I believe it is a Chinese sweet plum (Sageretia theezans) and I've had it for about seven months. I've had some minor issues with it in the past such as leaves dropping and browning but I was able to get it to...
  6. C

    Help/Advice - Florida Maple Bonsai Tree

    Hey All, I got my shovel and scooped up a few Maple tree saplings the other day from the yard and I was hoping to get some advice on what to do with them. I know the pots aren't traditional bonsai pots and all i had at the time was potting soil.Can anyone tell me what I should do next to get...
  7. E

    Japanese Maple Leaf Recs

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for an outdoor Japanese Maple tree in Zone 10. I live in south Florida and the summers can get pretty humid/hot and out sunlight is notorious. I am looking to add a Maple to my collection but unsure what will be best and can stand the South...
  8. K

    Is this a decent starting grow light?

    So I’m wanting to get something better than what I have right now, which is a one grow bulb that goes in a normal lamp and some cheap LED grow lights I got on amazon for 20 bucks. I saw this today at Walmart and they are 4’LED lights. Says it’s sunshune spectrum but I was wondering if this...
  9. K

    Beginner needing help.

    Hello everyone, I’m kinda new to bonsai...well by new I mean I suck at keeping them alive. I’m trying to start over and I recently got a Brush Cherry. My question is, I obviously want to make it grow larger and was wondering if I should repot it into a larger pot or let it stay in this...
  10. ninibonsai

    NEED HELP: Satsuki Azalea Bonsai

    Hi there! I am completely new to the bonsai world, and DESPERATELY need immediate help. I was recently gifted an "8 year old satsuki azalea bonsai" that shipped from Connecticut. I live in Seattle where the weather is currently in the 60's, cool with some sunlight. I have my bonsai outside on...
  11. E

    jade "nebari" are actually aerial roots. solutions?

    hey folks, have a question about my jade. right now, the nebari looks pretty decent for its age. jade nebari but upon closer inspection, these nebari roots are really just fat and well placed aerial roots: how should I address...
  12. Jamo

    5 Year old Chinese Elm(first bonsai)- Help

    today was a big day, I received my Chinese elm bonsai. Though I am very excited about this new hobby, I am definitely going to need some help. My goal for the future and yes I know this is a long way away is to make this an upright broom style bonsai. I wanted to get some feedback on the first...
  13. Pjain5768

    Help! I think my tree is dying!

    So I'm new to bonsai and I got this Fukien tea tree about a year ago and it was doing fine, but then I repotted it into a different pot and the leaves started to become darker and would fall off if you just touched them. I looked online and assumed that it may not have been getting enough water...
  14. J

    Dying Fukien Tea Bonsai - Help!

    Have had this tree for a couple years, grows very fast, used to have to trim the branches quite a bit. Did a major trim a couple months ago. Now the leaves have all turned wilted and slightly brown except for 2 new branches toward the bottom. Have done nothing but water this plant since I got...
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