bonsai bench

  1. Dank Piscean

    First Bonsai Shelf

    Just thought I'd share a little project I bumped out with my old man yesterday. I got this wood that's meant more for hanging plants but with these rails and some extra screws they make for a pretty good shelf for my trees and succulents. Before this I just had a planter that was drilled into...
  2. KleinM

    I started a YouTube channel

    Hi all! I started a YouTube channel in September called Klein Bonsai. I decided to make YouTube videos for three reasons. One: To document my trees and see their progress as they (and myself) grow in the coming years and 2: All the bonsai YouTube channels are from the Northern hemisphere and it...
  3. yodamon

    Doing the DIY backyard bench

    Finally I decided to build something as the small individual tables were crowded and starting to fail. I used Blender 3D to draw up some plans. I made some on fly changes that worked out food. 1. Plans 2. Assembly went fairly quick 3. Primer, paint for the base and dark and gunstock...
  4. Love this time of year

    Love this time of year

    A few work in progress on this bench but love all those colours
  5. Complete


    After fully built and some paint it's finished 1 hour 30 minutes
  6. ConorDash

    Bonsai Bench

    Hello All, Took a lot longer than I thought (mostly due to rain) and much more expensive, but I've learnt a good bit for bench #2 in the future and very happy with the result. I think it looks great, should last a very long time and functions as expected. Here's my bonsai bench I built, mostly...
  7. Sn0W

    Built myself a bench

    I'm a dog walker/trainer and constantly have dogs coming in and out of the house, some better behaved than others. As the weather is getting better they're spending more time in the garden so I thought it's about time to protect my better trees! Popped to B&Q and picked up some materials with a...
  8. Gsquared

    Show Us Your Bonsai Benches

    I'm in a new house and going to be building some new benches soon. In the past I've done the standard board and cinderblock benches. Very functional and affordable, but would like to do something a little more attractive this time. Before I go get the lumber and start sawing, I thought I'd ask...
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