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  1. Trojan Phil

    ISO Ficus and Coral Bark Maple

    Recently experienced a setback, so looking for seedlings and pre-bonsai (of everything!), but 2 things I want to play with: Ficus Retusa - pre-bonsai, up to 10" ish Coral Bark Maple - anything you have. Let me know what you have, what you want for it, and thank you for anything else you may...
  2. bonsaiUPDATE

    please review my collection

    During the last decades served many international wholesalers, growers, retailers with top quality of bonsai. Whether you are looking for mame, chiu, or Dai-Bonsai, . We deliver them to you any time, any place, anywhere Please review my new pre-bonsai
  3. Sir Jonesalot

    Bonsai Collection

    Some Bonsai Tree. All of these bonsai trees and more (plus pre-bonsai, pots and accessories) will at some point be going up for sale at Sign up and subscribe to the "bonsai trees" category to be notified when new trees are listed! Really appreciate your "likes" and...
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