bonsai ceramics

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    Where to look at quality pots for inspiration and find dimensions?

    Basically working with someone who is great with ceramics and they're willing to teach me about it as we both try and learn bonsai pots. I'd use my pots but most of mine are quite cheap ones until I get better/build nicer trees. So yea looking for advice on things like wall thickness, I've read...
  2. M

    Looking for vending opportunities

    I am a bonsai Potter specializing in stoneware for shohin,mame and kusamono. I am based in Ohio. I am looking for vending opportunities for 2023. If you are a show chair or organizer,let me know.
  3. Hartinez


    This is a dedicated thread for PAIRING POTS WITH TREES. If you are uncertain on choosing a pot for your tree, then this thread is intended to help with that. Pairing pots with trees, I’m finding, is easier said than done and takes a keen eye to the composition. There are quite a few members...
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