bonsai display

  1. Hartinez

    New stand build

    Work has been slow at the start of this year and so I decided to make a new stand. My grandpa passed away this last year and before he did he sent with my mom 2 pieces of what he was calling Mahogany (which I know @Bonsai Nut is a complicated topic of conversation in the wood world)...
  2. Dank Piscean

    First Bonsai Shelf

    Just thought I'd share a little project I bumped out with my old man yesterday. I got this wood that's meant more for hanging plants but with these rails and some extra screws they make for a pretty good shelf for my trees and succulents. Before this I just had a planter that was drilled into...
  3. Hartinez

    Stand Build #9 - Shohin Mountainscape

    Decided to make something a little smaller. I wanted a dedicated shohin stand. The general Shape was inspired by a stand @Brian Van Fleet uses often when photographing his shohin. I had acquired this large plum burl and just sliced it up last weekend and that’s what makes the lighter wood...
  4. Hartinez


    This is a dedicated thread for PAIRING POTS WITH TREES. If you are uncertain on choosing a pot for your tree, then this thread is intended to help with that. Pairing pots with trees, I’m finding, is easier said than done and takes a keen eye to the composition. There are quite a few members...
  5. Deep Sea Diver

    What do you do with a dead tree....? (..or the making of a Bonsai Exhibit)

    I've often wondered what folks do with their trees that have suffered an untimely death.... So this is a thread asking folks to show and tell what they do with a dead tree. In my case, I was involved in helping a tree become reincarnated into a poignant exhibit commemorating its life. The...
  6. cockroach

    Montreal Botanical Garden Trip

    I went to Montreal two weeks ago. The actual botanical garden was nice but nothing I would consider special. The bonsai display, however, was fantastic. I have looked at some of the trees online without realizing they were on display in the Montreal Garden. I was elated when I saw them in...
  7. Hawke84

    Homemade Display from Pallets

    Hi all, what do you guys think of this. home made display from pallet wood. It basically cost me £10 which was for paint, nails and gravel.
  8. A Random User

    My Contribution to "American Bonsai"

    Seeing the discussion of "American Bonsai" has popped back up... just thought I would share a couple of Photos of what I am doing to advance the scene! These are two of my trees and their displays, that I set up yesterday, and are open to public viewing as of tonight for any folks in the Florida...
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