bonsai fertilizer

  1. Rivian

    Hungry Hungry Hyphae!

    Whats eating my fert? Im not complaining, quite the opposite Its organic, plant based fertilizer in pellet form. 'Saidung plus'. Applied less than a week ago This pot houses an azalea but azalea roots are around 1/10th of a millimeter in diameter and these are like a 1/100th, I would guess...
  2. Clicio

    Fish Emulsion and Nematodes

    I have seen here and elsewhere people using fish emulsion not only for the macro/micronutrients and soil conditioning benefits to bonsai, but also to prevent bad nematodes and root issues (galls). If I am not mistaken @sorce is an enthusiastic user of fish fertilizer. 1-) I can find here two...
  3. Clicio

    Should I mix Osmocote in the soil at repotting time?

    There is always the possibility of mixing slow release fert directly into the bonsai soil mix at repotting time (early Spring). Is it a wise thing to do? I keep wondering about one or more of the little pellets exploding inside the rootball and doing real damage. In short, is it safe? Does it work?
  4. J

    Dying Fukien Tea Bonsai - Help!

    Have had this tree for a couple years, grows very fast, used to have to trim the branches quite a bit. Did a major trim a couple months ago. Now the leaves have all turned wilted and slightly brown except for 2 new branches toward the bottom. Have done nothing but water this plant since I got...
  5. B

    Understanding Fertilizer and Your Bonsai Blog

    hey all check out latest blog post just tried to put together some good information in one spot about fertilizer and your bonsai tree.!Understanding-Fertilizer-To-Grow-Better-Bonsai-Part-1/xsx3y/575b8c600cf2cc77abff364a
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