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  1. P

    What kind of bonsai do I have??

    I have had my bonsai for a year now, and I’m still not sure what it is, but I think it’s dying and I need help! I don’t know if it naturally loses its leaves in the colder months or what but I’m very concerned. I’ve made sure to water it so the soil is damp at all times and to put it in indirect...
  2. M

    Silk Mimosa seedlings

    Hi again everyone, I have another question this time about my silk mimosa seedlings I have 8 seedlings that all sprouted around the same time. 4 out of the 8 have these spots on them and 1 of them appears to have just stopped growing but is still green and the stock is a lot thicker than any...
  3. B


    I’ve never had an issue with this Brazilian Raintree I’ve had it for about a year and just recently I have started to water with a pan underneath it which was not allowing the water to drain completely for up to a day at a time then the tree started to not open sleeps all the way in the daytime...
  4. Moxie

    Yucca Elephantipes - Dark Spots

    I brought a sick Yucca Elephantipes plant home about 2-3 weeks ago - the plant had many dark spots on the leaves. I can see new healthy growth but not sure what to do about the dark spots. Based on my research, these could be related to bacterial leaf spot but I could be wrong and would greatly...
  5. S

    Help this Bonsai amateur!!

    Hello everyone! I got a bonsai tree as a gift couple of months ago and since then I haven't done much besides watering it, and even that I'm not sure if I'm doing right, since the lady at the shop told my cousin that you should pour some water into the container in which the pot is placed and...
  6. T

    Help Needed for Brazilian Raintree Bonsai

    Hello, I recently bought a Brazilian Raintree bonsai at a bonsai show. I took it home and it was doing fine. I watched the level of water it needs with a toothpick. It was wet so I didn't water it. The next day the leaves were dry and crunchy. I watered it in the morning and put it in the sun...
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