bonsai identification

  1. SmallTreeGuy

    Identification of collected tree from Wisconsin.

    Went to Wisconsin to visit a friend and help him clear some land. On the last day I collected a tree that has a great gnarled base with a sharp turn near the ground. I have no clue what type of tree it is and was looking for some help in identifying it. Buds are just starting to break out into...
  2. SmallTreeGuy

    New Juniper acquired near throw away pile in back of nursery

    Hello everyone, yesterday I decided to go Nursery crawling and found this near the back beside a pile of dead driftwood and brown crispy foliage. The heartwood is red/pink but the foliage doesn’t look like ERC (red cedar/Juniperus Virginiana.) is there another Juniper that has red heartwood...
  3. Maddie.

    Help! My Bonsai is dying??

    Hello, I am new here and trying to figure out what is wrong with the Bonsai I was given. Background: I work in an Office and one of my coworkers gave me her Bonsai tree because she is moving. The tree looks really pretty even though I dont know what type it is. But its roots are completely...
  4. S

    bonsai identification

    Hello Can anyone identify this bonsai please
  5. J

    Identify my Tree

    Hello again! I'm very excited to announce I have purchased another bonsai (maybe I should wait a little longer to make sure I'm sticking with this hobby?... Nah). I actually feel pretty proud of this one, because I've seen similar trees online sell for more. Obviously I'm sure there is a quality...
  6. S

    Help this Bonsai amateur!!

    Hello everyone! I got a bonsai tree as a gift couple of months ago and since then I haven't done much besides watering it, and even that I'm not sure if I'm doing right, since the lady at the shop told my cousin that you should pour some water into the container in which the pot is placed and...
  7. L

    Help identify!

    I watered my plant today and noticed it was browning. I have been told this is a bonsai but I am not sure what kind. I was also wondering if it is healthy? Please help!
  8. B

    What kind of tree is this?

    I searched the internet for a while and I couldn't find anything for what kind of tree this is. I just got the tree as a birthday present and also have no idea what I'm doing with it, but I named it Juan and I really like him and dont want to get rid of him. So I'm just looking for some basic...
  9. L


    Hi, I'm new to bonsai trees and have no experience with them whatsoever. My father just brought me home this bonsai and I'm trying to look up some information on care etc. However I have no idea what kind of tree it is, there was no tag or anything with it just the price and 'small bonsai'...
  10. Bri

    Unsure of what kind of Bonsai I have

    I bought this bonsai tree about a year ago and I would like to know what kind of bonsai it is. The only thing I'm pretty sure about is that it is a pine/conifer. I tried looking at the online guides but none of the images seem to fit. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?
  11. D


    Hey everyone, I am new to bonsais and I bought one about a month or so ago. It was doing great until I noticed little webs between the branches and browning of leaves , I am young so I don't have the opportunity to go out whenever I want so I asked to go buy pesticides, which I am today getting...
  12. E

    my poor bonsai

    Attatched is my tree about a year ago when I bought it. Its been very healthy up until this weather change. I don't keep it outside because of how chilly it is, but it stays in the window and is watered when the soil feels dry. Within the past month since it's gotten colder my poor little...
  13. D

    Need help with I.D.

    I've been interested in starting bonsai for a little while now and I found this at the grocery store when I was shopping so I decided to purchase it to practice on, but it didn't have any sort of identification as to what it is. If anybody could help me with that it would be greatly appreciated...
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