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  1. Clicio

    I didn't like Ryan Neil too much. But then...

    I have watched many videos online. Most of the time Bjorn's personality (to me) came out as more calm, less emphatic, a bit more didactic than that of Ryan's. I am not comparing anything drastic here, as both are accomplished and successful bonsai professionals and I do respect both equally...
  2. S

    Thoughts on Today's Bonsai Mirai Tree Sale?

    Looks like their tree sale just went live
  3. BeebsBonsai

    Bonsai Mirai

    Hey all, Im a new tier 3 member to mirai this week (was tier 2). My first q&a was today and i had a question that didnt get fully answered until after i left. When do they typically upload the q&as?
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