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  1. K

    mirai live or bonsai-u?

    i'm from malaysia . Is mirai live better or bonsai-u in terms of knowledge for beginners and which one is worth it . And can the videos be downloaded for future reference and can you have 1 on 1 consultation?
  2. Deep Sea Diver

    Did I read this correctly, or did I just miss the memo?

    From Bonsai Mirai 2022 Education Announcements Greetings Mirai Students, Mirai as a facility is fueled by the constantly evolving and unobtainable future. We are forever learning, growing and seeking to elevate the level of this wonderful art form. Having fostered and developed ten years...
  3. Clicio

    I didn't like Ryan Neil too much. But then...

    I have watched many videos online. Most of the time Bjorn's personality (to me) came out as more calm, less emphatic, a bit more didactic than that of Ryan's. I am not comparing anything drastic here, as both are accomplished and successful bonsai professionals and I do respect both equally...
  4. S

    Thoughts on Today's Bonsai Mirai Tree Sale?

    Looks like their tree sale just went live
  5. BeebsBonsai

    Bonsai Mirai

    Hey all, Im a new tier 3 member to mirai this week (was tier 2). My first q&a was today and i had a question that didnt get fully answered until after i left. When do they typically upload the q&as?
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