bonsai pruning

  1. david in LA

    Acer Shirasawanum - Pruning direction

    Picked this Full Moon Japanese maple up recently where to previous owner kept it more as a patio plant. A bit of info on this tree, the base is just over 2" wide, and from the soil to the top of the tree is 2'-10". The previous owner bought it from a nursery just over a year ago and has not...
  2. L

    Bougainvillea Pruning

    I'm in Southern California and was gifted this Bougainvillea. I'm not just new to Bonsai, but gardening all together. I'm not sure when and what to prune. I see what seem to be some dry branches, but don't want to remove anything without really knowing what I'm doing. Online research has given...
  3. Josiana

    Bargain Juniperus Chinensis Stricta

    I just recently purchased this Stricta for 49kr (5usd?), and it is my first 'proper' foray into bonsai (I have a green carpet juniper I have only repotted and a ginseng ficus). I made a training pot for it, but will wait for spring to transfer. And I will clear the soil that is currently...
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