bonsai seeds

  1. G

    Where to source JPB seeds from Europe (exclude UK)

    Hi, would you have to recommend where to source JBP seeds from mainland Europe (no UK). Thanks! G
  2. Clicio

    Mystery seeds from...Thailand?!

    Hi all. Got an unasked for mail today, from Thailand. No sender identified. Envelope says "seeds". I opened it, three identical little plastic bags with identical seeds. Label says "Made in China". Is it a joke, a gift, Antrax? I don't know. I don't know also which seeds are those. @Anthony is...
  3. Bonsai Supply

    Canada – Bonsai Seeds for Sale

    Hello again! We are a small business in Canada who specializes in supplies for bonsai hobbyists. Recently we started selling a variety of tree seeds of specially selected varieties that are well suited for bonsai cultivation. Check out our website at...
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