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  1. Hartinez

    New stand build

    Work has been slow at the start of this year and so I decided to make a new stand. My grandpa passed away this last year and before he did he sent with my mom 2 pieces of what he was calling Mahogany (which I know @Bonsai Nut is a complicated topic of conversation in the wood world)...
  2. rootstands

    Bonsai stand – root style hardwood table stand 44cm tall

    Root stand Dimensions: 27(L) x 28(W) x 44(H) cm MORE STANDS
  3. rootstands

    Big spalted hardwood bonsai root stand

    Root stand Dimensions: 43(L) x 37(W) x 21(H) cm / 17(L) x 14.5(W) x 8.3(H) inchs MORE STANDS
  4. Hartinez

    Stand build #10 - Cascade

    Continuing the use of the plum burl I had diced up recently. I put together this cascade stand. Walnut and plum. Had a few issues here and there keeping things square during glue up, but got the thing dialed in pretty well. Just listed this one on Bonsai Auctions.
  5. Hartinez

    Stand Build #9 - Shohin Mountainscape

    Decided to make something a little smaller. I wanted a dedicated shohin stand. The general Shape was inspired by a stand @Brian Van Fleet uses often when photographing his shohin. I had acquired this large plum burl and just sliced it up last weekend and that’s what makes the lighter wood...
  6. Hartinez

    Stand Build #8

    Welp. Another one down. Another opportunity to figure out my likes and dislikes within Bonsai stand making. This one frustrated me a bit as I had an initial plan that I ended up scrapping about half way through. Because of tjat though, the way the legs make contact with the table is a bit...
  7. Hartinez

    Stand build #5 mountain scape

    Newest stand. Found this piece of wood that was from a tree cookie in the scrap bin of my local wood shop. Not sure the variety. Thought immediately it looked like a mountain range. Fun opportunity for a stand. I waffled on several ideas for execution. This one is big. 18” long, 12” wide...
  8. Hartinez

    Stand build number 4

    Hey nuts. I finally got to finishing a stand I started last year. I cut the live edge pieces sometime ago, but didn’t haven’t been inspired to finish due to last years dismal bonsai year. But spring has me springing, and I finally finished it up. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired by...
  9. Hartinez

    Stand build #3 - Slim build in walnut

    Just finished a big dining table commission and I’ve got a ton of walnut around now. Figured I’d work on a new stand. Went for something very light and airy. The entire piece is walnut including the lighter color used for the cross members. Legs are all mortise and tenoned with the cross...
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