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  1. PowerTap

    Bonsai Christmas List '23

    So it's past Thanksgiving here in the U.S. which means that I'll be asked for a Christmas list regardless of needing things or not as a bonefied grownup. So what bonsai things are you putting on your list? I'm asking for a few upgrades to the bargain basement tools I started with. Some nicer...
  2. A

    Good Japanese bonsai tools?

    My cheap and terrible tools have recently broken and I think I should get some good tools. What are some good Japanese tool brands? Bonus points if I can get them from somewhere in the EU.
  3. bonsguy

    Seeking Advice: TinyRoots Bonsai Tools Kit

    I am looking to buy a Bonsai tool kit for a beginner. I am overwhelmed by choice. Does anyone have suggestions? I was looking at a 5 piece TinyRoots Bonsai Tools Kit to start: The tools are carbon...
  4. proninyaroslav

    Kamaki tools. Are they any good?

    Does anybody know who manufactures Kamaki tools? Are they decent? I'm interested in their huge Kamaki Z26-K garden shears for quick cutting of new growth in the summer. But I don't know what quality they are, I can only place an order online for a tool and get it, without the possibility of...
  5. Bonsai Nut

    Wazakura Bonsai Tools

    Today I've got a surprise for everyone, but first I wanted to let you know about my experience with an old/new Japanese bonsai and ikebana tool company - Wazakura Japan. I say old/new because while the company is relatively new (founded in 2019), it sells craftsman built tools from established...
  6. Rivian

    Kaizen vendor experience

    General thread for the Kaizen vendor experience Small purchases in the past arrived in good condition and I was happy with them. Got what I payed for. Flawless packaging. I'm planning to buy tools from them but being in Germany had to write an E-mail due to shipping (larger order). Has someone...
  7. D

    Tool kit recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an affordable tool kit for beginners? Ideally, I am looking for a 6 or 7 piece set. I was originally thinking stainless steel, but am open to carbon steel, too. Admittedly, while I am experienced with growing plants, I am quite the novice at bonsai and...
  8. chuckwc1

    Concave cutter & Sieve recommendations?

    I have chopsticks, root rake, pliers, and two pairs of serviceable scissors. I'm thinking the the two things I should get before spring work begins is a sieve for my pumice, and a concave cutter. Thinking of spending ~$80 on the cutters, and trying to find something cheap for the sifting. What...
  9. theguywithcrocs

    Recommended Tools

    I've been using Bonsai Nut for awhile now, but I just caved and created an account to try and find answers to my dilemma. I've been in the bonsai game for about two years now, and the trees that I collected locally, and some raw material I've purchased is beginning to mature. With this, I've...
  10. Yugen

    Any leads on good tools?

    Anyone have good leads on quality bonsai tools? I'm currently using a set of carbon steel Japanese made from the Lee Valley store. I'm not sure what the Japanese brand is. For comparison, I think the shears cost me about $65 CAD. I want to upgrade to stainless steel. I don't need the best...
  11. H

    Stainless or Carbon Steel?

    Whats the community preference on tools? I’ve got a set of the bare basics which include a small and medium sheer along with a wire cutter, but they aren’t what I would describe as great quality. I got the set as a bundle along with small gauge wire for like $55. Im looking to expand my kit with...
  12. Bonsai Supply

    Bonsai Supplies in Canada

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are a small business in Canada who recently launched an e-commerce business selling bonsai supplies online. We have a great selection of bonsai soil, tools, wire, figurines / mud men, pots and books. Would love your feedback on our products and...
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