1. S

    tea tree or bottlebrush?

    Just moved this yamadori and was curious what species it is? They have strikingly similar leaves but having the trunk so naturally contorted i was not sure. Moved from a property in central nsw Australia. Depending on the plant type was curious how much sunlight would help with surviving also...
  2. Apex37

    Interesting Lowe's Finds

    Found a couple trees I have not worked on before, but thought they could make decent bonsai subjects. Ended up spending maybe $15 a piece on them. Anyway, first one is a dwarf burning bush and second is a dwarf bottlebrush. Any tips on care and working on either of these? I'll probably just...
  3. ColinFraser

    A Wee BottleBrush (Callistemon) Stump

    I noticed that the new neighbors of a family member were re-landscaping their recently purchased home. For as long as I can remember, there has been a bottlebrush at the entrance to the driveway, usually under a large sphere of foliage and flowers as seen in this google street view from a few...
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