boxwood multi trunk

  1. E

    Strange disease on my Kingsville boxwood? Please help identify issue.

    Hi everyone, I’ve been growing this kingsville boxwood over the last 8 years and have never seen something like this. Curious to get your thoughts. The leaves have been turning yellowish/ bronze colored and in some instances new growth has been drying out (in select places). The only thing I...
  2. TestedPuddle

    Boxwood trunk dilemma

    Hey everybody, I’ve been a long time lurker but for some reason never decided to make an account. But I’d like to get some different ideas on what to do about the trunk on this boxwood that I acquired not too long ago (see photos). as you’ll find, it’s got two nice thick trunks that split about...
  3. Kanorin

    Boxwood yardadori

    When I moved into my house 4 years ago there were a few boxwood plants that we didn't like in the spot they were in. So I uprooted one of them and planted it behind my garage (In a spot with about ~2 hours of direct sunlight), and there it has grown largely unseen until a few weeks ago. At the...
  4. B

    50+ year old landscape boxwood trunk cutting

    I found a 50+ year old boxwood that was intended for someone's yard, but never got planted. This thing has some height to it, and I want to scale it back. It has multiple trunks with a rather large main section where the trunks meet. Can I get away with chopping all the trunks at once, or would...
  5. Maloghurst

    Vision quest

    This is a multi trunk boxwood I collected this spring. Most of what you see is new growth. I won't do anything else to it this year. Next year I will do some pruning of branches that I know will not be needed but not much. I'll just let it recover and establish itself in this pot. Meanwhile I...
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