1. Alaskanrocket

    How bad is this boxwood styling?

    Hi All, So this is my first boxwood, as well as my first attempt at styling/training from Nursery (aka shrub) stock. Im still a little leery of my wiring technique so I chose to use string. Is this a bad method? Things Ive read on Boxwoods.... They Train easily, they don't train easily. They're...
  2. I

    Boxwood Problem?

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with my little boxwood. Some of the leaves on the branches are starting to diem attached is a picture. I don't know if maybe this guy is too high up in the pot and I need to cut it down to get those roots below the surface or what it is. Any advice would be great!
  3. N

    newly collected boxwood

    hello all, i recently acquired a small boxwood shrub from my neighbor as a gift, as he was replacing his shrubs with azaleas. received it bare rooted, potted into a pond basket with some home made soil (one part lava, pumice, de, and pine bark mulch respectively) the tree had a nice thick...
  4. TestedPuddle

    Boxwood trunk dilemma

    Hey everybody, I’ve been a long time lurker but for some reason never decided to make an account. But I’d like to get some different ideas on what to do about the trunk on this boxwood that I acquired not too long ago (see photos). as you’ll find, it’s got two nice thick trunks that split about...
  5. Ruve

    Hello all, new here, check out my trees

    Recently I acquired this obsession, I mean hobby, a few months ago. I'm an avid researcher and have a particular personality. I present my trees as they are currently for your viewing pleasure. I have a few that I've worked on and some that are awaiting my guidance. I'm particularly enjoying...
  6. M

    Recently collected Japanese boxwood after-care.

    Hi all, am I very new to bonsai so forgive any mistakes I might have made. I recently collected about 8 of what I think are Japanese boxwood. And was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on how to make sure they stay alive and well established. Here is a bit of context. I collected them...
  7. S

    Boxwood Advice for Older Boxwood

    Heyo, I am relatively new to bonsai and purchased an old boxwood transplant from a vendor in Colorado in mid-October (I live in Southern Nevada). I transferred from the nursery pot into the training pot pictured. The first picture shows the form before trimming and wiring. I figure I'd play...
  8. D

    Japanese Boxwood: Double or Single Trunk?

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to bonsai and have fallen in love with boxwoods. I have read that boxwoods are very slow-growing, so when I saw a tree this size at a local nursery, I was excited. I am seeking advice on my end design for this bonsai. Should I keep the large first branch and create a...
  9. Schmikah

    My new boxwood that needs some work. Any ideas?

    I just picked up this guy last Saturday from one of the guys at our local club (KBS). I picked it up cheap so I can live with it needing quite a bit of work. Obviously its been let go pretty much since it was collected, it was yard-adori according to the original owner. Obviously the roots are...
  10. IMG_20200426_182427788.jpg


    Too much?
  11. fucious70

    Boxwood Design Guide. 1 trunk or 2

    My first boxwood. I saw it sitting by itself and was totally drawn to it. I pruned off the top but puzzled on which direction I should take, 1 trunk or 2. For 2 trunk, I plan on cutting at the red line. Have the larger branches all lean towards the right. That vision makes me feel like a...
  12. J

    Bonsai Material Acquired... What Now?

    Hey guys! I stopped by Lowe's today to ravage the houseplant section, but found my way to the garden center and snagged these beauties for $3 each! I'm so new to bonsai that my plan was to stick with "pre-made", but the more I learn about the hobby, the more I'm itching to work a tree myself...
  13. 8E8A0798-35DA-4AC6-8BD5-D8CC1565E60A.jpeg


  14. Jiipsea

    Boxwood Help! Leaves brown/red/yellow

    Hello! My boxwood up until this point was thriving. All of a sudden his leaves started to turn brown/reddish. I noticed today some tips are a little yellow. I moved him out of direct sunlight because it seemed it was a light issue but I was just guessing. Please let me know your thoughts...
  15. M

    Dogwood scrub

    Hello! I picked up this dogwood scrub at my local nursery for $2. It was growing roots out if the bottom of it's container and is my root bound. Am I okay to root prune it now in Oregon? I feel so bad for the little guy, he's trapped!! Any advice would be helpful. Thank you
  16. D

    HELP: Kingsville Boxwood Is dying?

    Hello, I received this bonsai tree as a graduation gift and, when I left for college and left it at home with my family it started yellowing and lots of the leaves of shriveled up and dry. I have no idea what to do but I really want this tree to survive. I think I have been overwatering it and...
  17. tatersandonions

    Collected boxwoods

    Hi all, I recently dug up a couple boxwoods from a neighbors yard. Here they are after chopping and potting: After a little more pruning and sloppy wiring: Unfortunately, some of the bark was damaged digging it up. How long will it take to heal? I know boxwood branches thicken slowly so I...
  18. Sn0W

    A Box Full Of Roots

    I picked up 3 boxwoods from a nursery a couple of weeks back. They'd been left exposed to the elements on top of a hill out in a field for god knows how long and had suffered some severe die back and yellowing of foliage. They weren't priced and were sitting next to some healthy looking boxes...
  19. peh3

    Styling advice for a common boxwood

    Hello, I got myself a common boxwood a week or two ago and attempted to style it a bit. So I cut off a lot of the top to get a better look and I'm unsure how to continue. So I figured I might aswell ask here since people give great suggestions. It looked like this: And I reduced it to this...
  20. cdefoe

    get a load of this boxwood, a thread about my boxwood

    greetings, this is a thread about my boxwood. it's a korean wintergreen boxwood, if the tag on the nursery container is to be believed. please get a load of my boxwood: what i think will be the front. i think i can still wire the branch on the left and adjust if upwards to create a more...
  21. Sn0W

    Big Boxwood Potting

    This evening I managed to save 3 big Boxwoods from some guy who was extending his driveway. 2 have been chopped over a month ago and 1 is whole. 1 of the chopped was dug up last month and chucked on the piles of earth where he'd also dug his lawn up. The ends of the big branches are dead but...
  22. jazzaero

    Boxwood issues

    A couple months back I wanted to experiment after taking a local bonsai class. The teacher really stressed planting into inorganic substrate. I went and bought a boxwood and some shale to give it a shot. I chopped the plant up, without knowing what I was doing, and replanted into the shale and...
  23. Clicio

    Weird leaf from Boxwood trunk

    I am very baffled with this; well below the trunk of this boxwood a new strange leaf is sprouting. I made sure it is growing from the trunk, near the rootbase. As a comparison I shot the picture with a regular leaf from the same boxwood, which is completely different. Any hints? Picture below ->
  24. KLefty

    Arizona Bonsai

    Hello. I'm new to bonsai. I picked up a couple trees, repotted them, but haven't worked with them much yet. One is a Japanese Boxwood. Ya see, Arizona summers are hot and dry. Winters can be cold and wet. I know that dudicious trees are supposed to be outside to go through the natural cycle of...
  25. Ryan H

    I like big boxwoods

    Hey bnut, After a suggestion, I thought I'd throw a project out there I have been working on with two big boxwood started from nursery stock. They both started from the bush in the first pic and were chopped wayyy back. Obviously very much a work in progress. Suggestions welcome R
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