brazilian rain tree

  1. R

    Just got my first Brazilian rain tree :)

    So I just received my BRT and I love it! The only thing is the trunk is stick straight, I'm wondering when BRTs start to flute/flatten? Also I am thinking of keeping it in this pot to let it grow and settle in a bit, is that a good idea or should I transfer it to a bonsai pot? Thanks for the help!
  2. stupid

    Brazilian Rain Tree droopy leaves

    Hello, Everyone My Brazilian Rain Tree is doing so much better than before and is branching out new leaves. I started noticing, however, that the leaves have started to become droopier as the days pass. I believe that it's because I close the blinds completely shut before I go to sleep, and...
  3. chlorine-queen

    Planning an approach to BRT over geode

    Some time back I got it in my head to try developing a RoR bonsai over a large geode and decided a BRT would best suit the look I had in mind. I found a nice rock first, and since I live in coastal Oregon where BRTs are nowhere to be found in brick and mortar stores, I ordered one from Wigert's...
  4. B

    Brazilian Raintree HELP!!!!!

    I’ve had these trees for a few years. I am in Colorado and they are currently placed inside. I defoliated my big Brazilian Raintree a few months back, and the growth came out OK but it’s now starting to drop. The leaves are falling but not drying up and I’ve noticed the color is no longer darker...
  5. R

    White Leaves on Brazillian Rain Tree

    I recently got a Brazilian Rain Tree from Wigerts. After the initial leaf loss from the trip it has recovered really well and put on a lot of growth, but when it came it had a couple leaves with a lot of white splotches. Now I have some more of the older leaves that it arrived with becoming...
  6. Damart81

    Brazilian Rain Tree and Sacrificial Branches

    I have this BRT that I have been letting grow unrestricted. I want to try and grow the trunk for a couple of years. Was thinking of pruning down to one sacrificial branch and letting that one grow unrestricted. I saw Wigerts do one with a massive sacrificial branch as seen below. Anybody have...
  7. J

    Leaf discoloration?(Brazilian, Raintree)

    Does anyone have any idea as to why the leafs would be discolored? Some of them are a very faint green, and the others are spotting green as in the pictures I water every other day the tree mostly stays inside. I am in Colorado
  8. zezima

    First BRT - General advice, Leaves Wilting, Discolored, losing pigment

    Hey! This is my first bonsai, I purchased it from a nursery about a month ago. I've been reading up and learning as much as I can about BRTs and bonsai in general. I'm growing my BRT indoors at a sunny west-facing window as it is my only option since I live in a city. 2 weeks after purchasing...
  9. MattE

    Some more 3D printed pots

    Here’s a Vietnamese style pot I painted to look old and weathered with dwarf jade And a square Chinese style pot I painted earth tones with my Brazilian rain tree both from seeds And then 2 other ceramics I found at a thrift store that I made into pots one with my serissa air layer I just did...
  10. S

    My Brazilian Raintree is super sad with some crispy leaves. What am I doing wrong?!

    Sorry in advance if I am posting this thread to the wrong place, this will be my first post here. I live in Orlando, FL and keep my trees on a West facing, enclosed patio, so they get about 5 hours of sunlight a day. I recently purchased my second BRT close to three weeks ago. I will try to...
  11. Clicio

    Thornless BRT is blooming

    What about yours? It's an old BRT , its leaves are already reduced, and is flowering like never. Well, it's Spring here, so it should bloom.
  12. Clicio

    Leatherback, me, and Brazilian Rain trees; a threesome.

    So sorry about the accent, but... Some people find it charming! lol @leatherback thanks for the opportunity to show parts of my garden. It is not finished yet, but the Rain Forest that surrounds it is worth my laziness! Watch here!
  13. N

    Best soil for BRT?

    Hello friends, I bought a beautiful Brazillian raintree from a local shop recently for my climate-controlled office, and I'm questioning what kind of soil I should use. My understanding is that, out in the wild, BRTs grow in sandy soil. In fact, I have often read that, when these trees are...
  14. L

    Lorax7 Brazilian Rain Tree #2 progression

    Had this tree for a few years. Put a bit of wire on it today. Didn’t think to take a before picture. Sorry.
  15. M

    BRT Help please

    In April my BRT looked great (see pictures) or at least I thought it did. Now it is dropping leaves constantly and seems to be drying out on the ends of the branches (also see pictures). I have had it inside since I got it in February as our weather is unpredictable. I honestly water it once or...
  16. C

    BRT Living outside?

    I inherited a BRZ from my father when he passed away last month. It made the journey from Colorado to Washington state in a cardboard box. It is growing like crazy now, I’m assuming because it’s always been in survival mode (my parents live at 9700’ in elevation, it’s always been indoors, max...
  17. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree questions

    Hi, I got this Brazilian Rain Tree cutting a little more than a year ago thanks to @leatherback . It was a rocky start as it got stuck at the post office for 2 extra weeks and when I received it, all leaves were gone. This tree is does not seem to be possible to buy here in Sweden so I felt very...
  18. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree -aphids ?

    I have a Brazilian Raintree. I Am keeping it indoors for the winter (Zone 9b). Some of the leaves, especially the new growth, is curling up on itself. And I can see tiny specks/flakes in the photo (but not really with the naked eye). Also, some of the leaves has a sticky/shiny substance. This...
  19. T

    BRT losing leaves?

    Hello! I'm fresh into the world of bonsai and was given my first tree in early December. It is a Brazilian Raintree and I'm afraid I'm already making big mistakes. It had a little bit of yellowing of the leaves and defoliation, nothing major, about a week and a half ago which I contributed to...
  20. M

    Help with BRTs - seem to be dying

    Hi, I'm new to bonsai, I grew some BRTs and Spruce from seed some time in May (yes, I got a kit, but all I really used from it was the seeds, I bought bonsai soil, a heat mat, and seed trays). Everything seemed to be going fine despite me not knowing what I'm doing, and I had 5 healthy looking...
  21. L

    Lorax7 Brazilian Rain Tree #1 progression

    Nursery stock prior to working on it (2018): Fall 2021:
  22. B

    Should I start cutting back this BRT?

    Hi everybody, I got a cutting from a previous BRT that's now started to grow very horizontally over the last few months. I planted the cutting in Aug 2020 so it's about 9 months old. Should I let it keep going horizontally or should I cut a few of those branches back? I'm very new to this and...
  23. J


    Got this Beautiful Brazilian Raintree around three weeks ago I have been regularly watering just the same as my other trees the Treme came via shipping and seem to be stressed out for a few days after that everything was fine until I started noticing yellow leaves. Green leaves turning from...
  24. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree Growing

    I have a Brazilian Rain Tree that was hurting when I got it a couple of months ago but has since recovered nicely. The tree is growing like crazy I’m just curious if I should let it keep going the way it is or prune some growing tips a bit or maybe try some wiring? I would like to get it into a...
  25. Clicio

    BRT_Nuts - Important info about Brazilian Raintree Cultivars

    For all of you that like Brazilian Rain Trees, after some research and info exchanges with @leatherback and others, I have found out that some BRT cultivars are really interesting. Maybe they are restricted to Brazil only, but I think this info below could help somehow. 1-) First a regular BRT...
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