brazilian rain tree

  1. Clicio

    Thornless BRT is blooming

    What about yours? It's an old BRT , its leaves are already reduced, and is flowering like never. Well, it's Spring here, so it should bloom.
  2. Clicio

    Leatherback, me, and Brazilian Rain trees; a threesome.

    So sorry about the accent, but... Some people find it charming! lol @leatherback thanks for the opportunity to show parts of my garden. It is not finished yet, but the Rain Forest that surrounds it is worth my laziness! Watch here!
  3. N

    Best soil for BRT?

    Hello friends, I bought a beautiful Brazillian raintree from a local shop recently for my climate-controlled office, and I'm questioning what kind of soil I should use. My understanding is that, out in the wild, BRTs grow in sandy soil. In fact, I have often read that, when these trees are...
  4. L

    Lorax7 Brazilian Rain Tree #2 progression

    Had this tree for a few years. Put a bit of wire on it today. Didn’t think to take a before picture. Sorry.
  5. M

    BRT Help please

    In April my BRT looked great (see pictures) or at least I thought it did. Now it is dropping leaves constantly and seems to be drying out on the ends of the branches (also see pictures). I have had it inside since I got it in February as our weather is unpredictable. I honestly water it once or...
  6. C

    BRT Living outside?

    I inherited a BRZ from my father when he passed away last month. It made the journey from Colorado to Washington state in a cardboard box. It is growing like crazy now, I’m assuming because it’s always been in survival mode (my parents live at 9700’ in elevation, it’s always been indoors, max...
  7. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree questions

    Hi, I got this Brazilian Rain Tree cutting a little more than a year ago thanks to @leatherback . It was a rocky start as it got stuck at the post office for 2 extra weeks and when I received it, all leaves were gone. This tree is does not seem to be possible to buy here in Sweden so I felt very...
  8. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree -aphids ?

    I have a Brazilian Raintree. I Am keeping it indoors for the winter (Zone 9b). Some of the leaves, especially the new growth, is curling up on itself. And I can see tiny specks/flakes in the photo (but not really with the naked eye). Also, some of the leaves has a sticky/shiny substance. This...
  9. T

    BRT losing leaves?

    Hello! I'm fresh into the world of bonsai and was given my first tree in early December. It is a Brazilian Raintree and I'm afraid I'm already making big mistakes. It had a little bit of yellowing of the leaves and defoliation, nothing major, about a week and a half ago which I contributed to...
  10. M

    Help with BRTs - seem to be dying

    Hi, I'm new to bonsai, I grew some BRTs and Spruce from seed some time in May (yes, I got a kit, but all I really used from it was the seeds, I bought bonsai soil, a heat mat, and seed trays). Everything seemed to be going fine despite me not knowing what I'm doing, and I had 5 healthy looking...
  11. L

    Lorax7 Brazilian Rain Tree #1 progression

    Nursery stock prior to working on it (2018): Fall 2021:
  12. B

    Should I start cutting back this BRT?

    Hi everybody, I got a cutting from a previous BRT that's now started to grow very horizontally over the last few months. I planted the cutting in Aug 2020 so it's about 9 months old. Should I let it keep going horizontally or should I cut a few of those branches back? I'm very new to this and...
  13. J


    Got this Beautiful Brazilian Raintree around three weeks ago I have been regularly watering just the same as my other trees the Treme came via shipping and seem to be stressed out for a few days after that everything was fine until I started noticing yellow leaves. Green leaves turning from...
  14. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree Growing

    I have a Brazilian Rain Tree that was hurting when I got it a couple of months ago but has since recovered nicely. The tree is growing like crazy I’m just curious if I should let it keep going the way it is or prune some growing tips a bit or maybe try some wiring? I would like to get it into a...
  15. Clicio

    BRT_Nuts - Important info about Brazilian Raintree Cultivars

    For all of you that like Brazilian Rain Trees, after some research and info exchanges with @leatherback and others, I have found out that some BRT cultivars are really interesting. Maybe they are restricted to Brazil only, but I think this info below could help somehow. 1-) First a regular BRT...
  16. B

    BRT curled up, closed pale green leaves

    Hi Bonsai Nut community. I inherited this Brazilian Rain Tree from a friend who left NYC back in mid-March.The BRT was placed close to a south-facing window that receives lots of light. I would submerge the pot in water for 15 minutes once a week. It was doing really well until I left for two...
  17. Clicio

    Brazilian Rain Tree - BRT - from seed, a progression

    I decided to create this thread to record the progression of a BRT from seed, one from a batch of 20 or so. Some culled, most given as gift. I sowed in sand in the winter of 2018, it sprouted in the beginning of October. After 10 days it was going well. Shade, humidity and watering. In...
  18. Bezalel Nebari

    BRT Air Layer Leaves Not Opening

    I started this air layer on my BRT about a month ago. First I hard chopped everything below it, which caused the top part that I am layering to explode in new growth. After about 2 weeks, the leaves above the layering point closed and never opened again, and there hasn't been any new growth up...
  19. janaiya

    I just saw this on my BRT - fungus, mildew? What I need to do?

    I just saw those white grey spots on a few branches and than found a few new leaves on the top part of the tree with white stains . Any ideas? Should I cut those leaves off? What should I do? Please help ! I am going from one scare to another.
  20. janaiya

    Brazilian Rain Tree help needed

    Hi, I have questions regarding my BRT, 35 yrs old, got it 2 weeks ago. I am also kinda new to Bonsai, have had them in the past but could not deepen my knowledge. Located in South Florida Miami, sitting outside facing South all day ( its Winter so it gets sun until 3 pm). The tray is under soil...
  21. Rodrigo

    Indoor lighting for winter - Brazilian Rain Tree

    Hello! I recently got my first Brazilian Rain Tree and temperatures outside are beginning to get cold enough for me to have to bring it inside for winter. However, do to the placement of my apartment, I do not have a window that receives sun, so I will have to settle for indoor lighting. I have...
  22. jaja87

    Brazilian rain tree and Bahama berry opinions

    Hey everyone, Just need some opinions I bought a small Brazilian rain tree and a mame Bahama berry tree today and they both come in small plastic planters with very water retentive soil. I definitely want the BRT to grow more so I bought an oversized pot for it it's root bound in its current...
  23. krcmari6

    Newbie with a Brazilian Rain Tree

    Hi all, I have always loved the idea of bonsai and finally took the plunge into buying a prebonsai. Probably in way over my canopy here picking a tropical instead of a native deciduous, but I did it anyways. So far so good. It has been in my care for two weeks and although one branch doesn't...
  24. S

    BRT please help

    Hi everyone. I am really new to bonsai. Someone got me a Brazilian Rain Tree as a gift, knowing that I miss my gardening and plant care, now that I've moved to a tiny apartment in a big city. Unfortunately, I don't have outdoor space which is why this person got me an "indoor bonsai". I know...
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