brazilian raintree help

  1. A

    Brazilian Raintree nutrient deficiency

    I'm a beginner & got a Brazilian Rain Tree couple of months ago. Growth is really vigorous & the plant is my balcony with indirect sunlight (through shade net as direct sunlight may scorch the leaves due to the tropic climate). I've been feeding NPK fertilizer once 15 days & water whenever soil...
  2. S

    My Brazilian Raintree is super sad with some crispy leaves. What am I doing wrong?!

    Sorry in advance if I am posting this thread to the wrong place, this will be my first post here. I live in Orlando, FL and keep my trees on a West facing, enclosed patio, so they get about 5 hours of sunlight a day. I recently purchased my second BRT close to three weeks ago. I will try to...
  3. B


    I’ve never had an issue with this Brazilian Raintree I’ve had it for about a year and just recently I have started to water with a pan underneath it which was not allowing the water to drain completely for up to a day at a time then the tree started to not open sleeps all the way in the daytime...
  4. chuckwc1

    Emotional support - lost all the leaves on my Brazilian Raintree and Tropical Mimosa

    Had a weeklong vacation, and couldn't really get anyone to water my indoor trees. I thought & hoped they would be fine, and most of my other trees were. Unfortunately, the weather and sunlight really improved the week I was gone and I think my sunroom had a much higher light level and...
  5. J

    Does your Brazilian Raintree do this?

    I’ve had this Brazilian Raintree for almost a year I am in Colorado where the average humidity inside at this time of year is around 20% and I keep inside around 68° since the temperature started dropping around October or November the leaf started falling turning yellow first they are not...
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