brazilian raintree help

  1. B


    I’ve never had an issue with this Brazilian Raintree I’ve had it for about a year and just recently I have started to water with a pan underneath it which was not allowing the water to drain completely for up to a day at a time then the tree started to not open sleeps all the way in the daytime...
  2. chuckwc1

    Emotional support - lost all the leaves on my Brazilian Raintree and Tropical Mimosa

    Had a weeklong vacation, and couldn't really get anyone to water my indoor trees. I thought & hoped they would be fine, and most of my other trees were. Unfortunately, the weather and sunlight really improved the week I was gone and I think my sunroom had a much higher light level and...
  3. J

    Does your Brazilian Raintree do this?

    I’ve had this Brazilian Raintree for almost a year I am in Colorado where the average humidity inside at this time of year is around 20% and I keep inside around 68° since the temperature started dropping around October or November the leaf started falling turning yellow first they are not...
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