broadleaf evergreen

  1. Rivka

    Olive- Input on initial large cutbacks?

    I have a nice midsize olive that i got from a ladies yard last spring. potted it up with as little disturbance as I could, since she had already ripped it out and unceremoniously dumped it in the street, poor thing so now 6 months on, it seems content and growing, honestly took the whole move...
  2. wwtigraww

    Arbutus Unedo

    Got this pretty baby as present, Arbutus Unedo Atlantica, aka small strawberry tree. Love the curve at the base and the bark will be red when aged. Anybody have experience with them? I'm in South Ireland, so warm ish winters with very rare dipping to minus 2 or 3 Celsius. I was going to put it...
  3. C

    Repotting broadleaf evergreens

    Hi guys, first post. Thanks for having me. So I have a Schilling's Ilex vomitoria and I'm loving it. First broadleaf evergreen bonsai. I have it under grow lights as I'm in Canada and it already had produced a considerable bit of new foliage when I got it from the bonsai nursery.Going outside...
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